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The Issue of Compatibility in Marriage (II)

The ideal age-spectrum for marriage for men is (25 – 35) and (22 – 30) for women.

Ade wants a simple but smart car; Shade wants the latest edition with number plate bearing her nickname ….

Benedict wants to go on vacations and may later share few pictures (as throwback or flashback) yes in the future but his Benedicta (wife) wants to do public announcement right from her bedroom (as she packs her luggage), access the traffic, unpack at the airport, while in the air and so on.

Mr. & Mrs. need to align intellectually and being intellectually compatible doesn’t necessarily mean a PhD holder marred to a PhD holder. In fact it could be a master’s degree holder married to an HND graduate. Intellectual compatibility means education and orientation for both intimates, nothing more.

Nnena fighting her husband Nnamdi because the latter said he’ll never allow any of his female children undergo FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

“Circumcision is a tradition in our family, my great-grand mum, my grand-mum, my mum and I are all circumcised and none of us is promiscuous which means it curbs the wandering monkeys nature puts in us and that’s a check on proclivity to jump from bed-to-bed. It controls excessive libido and small means big which makes us  enjoy sex so don’t mind the rubbish those advocates are saying,” Nenna voiced to her hubby and exposed her top class ignorance.

Sexual compatibility matters too. Ideally men have higher libido but a woman who perceives sex as instrument exclusively for procreation, no more no less, may have problem with her partner.

Some men too may have this mindset and their wife may suffer the consequences and sometimes may go into extramarital affairs to get what they want and their marriage bear the brunt …..

Men in their 70s, 80s, 90s with wives and children may not have the strength to satisfy women in their late teens, 20s and 30s yet many of them still go ahead to marry ‘fresh blood’ and that’s sexual incompatibility.

Reports have it that a 94-year-old Ugandan man (Nulu Ssemakula) had 19 wives and over 100 children and recently married 4 women making the total 23 … what does this man want again?

As a woman and even man having children at a later age isn’t the best for your children let alone a man in his 90s. This man in question married his first wife in 1952 and will definitely want to father more children with his new wives ….

May God help us in Africa.

Photo credit: africa.com


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