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The Issue of Compatibility in Marriage.

Couples who are friends are also compatible.

Husband and wife need to be compatible physically (genotype and so on) the man can be a watchtower where his wife is a hut – Pamela is 5’5” and her hubby Dean is 6’5” no big deal but the reverse is like eating amala with fried egg with ice-cream beside your meal.

Spiritually they need to be compatible. Spiritual compatibility doesn’t just mean believing in God and having the fear of God perhaps belonging to the same religion or denomination but believing in God and humanity and being on the same page on the surface and beneath.

Some people practice Christianity or Islam and so on but only on the surface because deep down they belong to secret society which have various themes and titles. That’s darkness and light in the same home and marriage.

Couples need to be socially compatible. If one likes his privacy a lot and the other sees the world as his bedroom their private matters might become public affairs and they are likely to have issues. One wants to travel incognito the other wants a convoy; one prefers simple wedding the other wants elaborate and extravagant wedding ….

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