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Your Marriage as Part of Your Success Story.

Marriage is first step toward establishing good life, great home and part of fulfillment in life.

It’s a misguided feelings to see and measure success with the scale of riches and wealth, bearing in mind that many moneybags actually acquire their┬áriches and wealth illegitimately, fraudulently and that means many failures wear the cloak of success and camouflage in accomplishment and are seen as such.

Good home and marriage is success

Parents who raised kids doing wonderfully well in life have succeeded in their office.

Dignity and self-respect and self-worth all translate to success.

Good health means success after all health is convenience, performance, productivity and longevity and all these password wealth.

It’s rare for a 17-year-old to be a billionaire but not unusual for a 71-year-old to belong to the league of billionaires. Though in our contemporary world many in their 20s and 30s are now billionaires but they weren’t one when they were 15 were they?

Wealth is acquired overtime after all it’s a process, therefore health and longevity matter in wealth creation and acquisition.

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