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Dichotomies in Male and Female Engineering.

Passion meets fashion

An ideal man will behold this picture and say, “Women have problems I don’t know why they must stress themselves, sweat and go overboard when it comes to fashion, they must dress to kill at their own expense. They wear heels that can make a man become ill wondering what kind of pains and inconvenience women deliberately subject themselves to? They make hair that can kiss the ceiling one week, the next they garb hair that makes you feel they had lost 70% of their hair mass later you’ll realize no hair retired, non resigned!”

That’s women’s version of passion, adventure but not all women live, breathe, eat and sleep in Fashion & Beauty Island, however what a member of a group does makes all members of same guilty.

Of course some men exhibit these traits in fashion too.

Now men have their version of adventure which women see as puzzles and find complex to comprehend. Many can’t explain the Twitter in them that religiously pull men toward them and they passionately follow.

Arowojobe Anisulowo could have three to seven wives or even more in some cases and still planning to marry more is a big riddle to many women.

And many feel and even say, “Men must be nut to lack self-control unlike them. A woman will say no to her partner’s sexual demands but instead of going on vacations he will bag first class motivation and pester, coax, cajole her till she begins to feel like a mum denying her baby breast-milk shey sex na air or food? Why can’t he hold body like her or are women angels?”

Yes a man can and should but the wiring of a woman is different from a man and a man will need extra discipline, self-control to abstain from sex or reduce its frequency.

Did you know that a typical man also imagines how come women have so many shoes and wears in their wardrobe and are never satisfied? He wonders how come you’re always after aso-ebi ‘bata ebi, gele ebi‘ and other ebis.

Above all we’ve got the power and control as well as God’s inspiration to contain our lusts and desires whatever type (sex, money, position, power, drugs) and that’s why we are humans in the first place.

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