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FOP (Features of Pictures: Temptation vs. Intimidation)

She’s a lady to ideal ladies; babe to typical men.

The eyes of Damian had seen a Beauty Queen but if Damian is a typical man his eyes may rest and nest at the blue colour (the lady’s rear) not because blue is his fave colour but because nature is expressing itself in him. Instinct.

Too much focus could translate to temptation in his case and could make her feel awkward as it were. Overall he sees more of beauty and less of fashion in the image.

The eyes of Deborah had seen a model and her eyes will collect signals from her; her rear, fashion & style, physique, pose, poise and then rest on her rear. She’s detailed.

She’s likely to focus on her behind. She might desire her assets, the beginning of envy and that’s intimidation in her context.

Women are detailed in the department of beauty and fashion.

@ image: her physique, smiles, makeup, hair, poise … are part of beauty while her style, glasses, shoes … constitute fashion.

I’m sure you can see the differences in the diverse perceptions of men and women based on their personalities and feelings.

Now if your partner sight a woman’s behind it’s not an offense except of course envy is deep-seated in you. It’s instinct expressing itself but if his eyes finds a nest and then rest and s-t-a-r-e-s. Warning.

Oga you’re selling inadequate feelings to your wife or partner if she’s got fragile self-esteem, even if she’s not, gentle men are polished and exercise restraint not just in personality but attitudes which includes controlling what their eyes feast on.

If your wife sights a man in a smarter car, on a better job … and she regards such no big deal but if she becomes restless and thirst or makes moves for proximity … you may overlook but register it in your mind.

This is because women ideally don’t sell themselves cheap before men, they do ‘sight and ignore’ where men do ‘sight and reside’ so if his magnet is pulling her more than usual, don’t ignore the moves completely.

It’s a clue in many cases and you may need to shower her more attention and affection and gifts and so on.

I’m not talking of loose women here.

Your marriage deserves to be the very best but it demands sacrifices.

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