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One Variable Too Many (Couple Arjun vs. Sanjana) II

Love is ‘enjoy’ and ‘endure’ but pleasure should dominate pressure.

Arjun knew his wife had more libido than an ideal woman but the fact that she begins to distance him in bed made matters worse. He feels, “Is it because I’m broke that my wife is now maltreating me and ignoring me? Ingrate. Oh when I needed her most that’s when she’s no longer available?”

Sanjana on the other hand felt, “This man must be very greedy; he can’t even empathize with me in this horrible, terrible situation. I now work overtime to make ends meet yet he’s unconcerned. So I married a bad man and never knew?”

Matters arising. One bad had given birth to many other bad babies.

Arjun has got time and energy and was sleeping more in the daytime and so had more energy for sex meanwhile his wife no longer has energy, no thanks to overtime. She wanted him to help her at home much more but now that made Arjun feel small but when he was working and earning and sponsoring his home 70% he was helping his wife without being told.

Yeah his self-esteem was intact but now that he’s jobless (not even a job applicant) his self-esteem had nosedived and now at an all-time low and he shunned domestic chores.

Sanjana felt bad. Felt lonely. Incidentally Arjun was more demanding and Sanjana felt abused, misused and was no longer sleeping with her hubby. Temptations. Loophole for extramarital affairs.

More frustration for Arjun and he became more stressed and selfish. But Arjun and Sanjana are not trying to resolve their issues and the miles between their hearts begin to increase.

At this juncture Arjun became aggressive and begun to shout at his wife. More stress for the couple. Yet they didn’t take any concrete step towards resolving their issue. How bad!

One night Arjun extended 1-star slap to Sanjana but later apologized.

A week later he slapped her again and this time it was 3-star slap because he added insults to same and never apologized. Domestic violence already in their home. Quantity and quality evolving.

Sanjana and Arjun who were best of friends and turned to strangers in their own home.

Birds of a feather tend to flock together and negative variables tend to manufacture more negative variables if not immediately arrested.

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