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One Variable Too Many (Couple Arjun vs. Sanjana).

Issues in love demand immediate resolution and procrastination is giving wounds opportunity to fester.

Arjun lost his job … and his wife Sanjana became the breadwinner but she wasn’t complaining though deep inside she wasn’t feeling good. Disillusionment.

Arjun tried relentlessly for one month to access another job and his savings went down the drain and he decided to take it slow. He began to stay at home but his frustration was mounting, gathering momentum.

Savings gone and Sanjana begun to foot the bills hook, line and sinker. Alas!

She never gave up though got tired many times meanwhile Arjun’s head had been ‘elevated’ no thanks to stress and it became the head-quarters of frustration and he also battled depression.

Not clinical depression but gloom and sadness.

He was bitter and subsequently desired pleasure and so he begun to demand sex, too much sex  and Sanjana who had relatively big appetite for sex begun to detest same and that was denial. Interesting sex would have reconnect their drifting hearts and join their wires for signals to flow. Now missing sex means more stress for both lovers. This is red flag!

This isn’t the end.

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