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Tea Time (London) vs. Coffee Time (New Zealand).

Tea ideally means steam so many Britons will team with steam in the teacup.

The anti-sleep properties in coffee makes students, workers and other demographics who want to bear malice with sleep find irresistible and often tap into to  stay awake.

You can’t give what you lack and what coffee has is what it releases and when we buy and consume we receive the anointing to say no to sleep but at times nature intercedes by giving sleep the powers to snatch us at peace point from the grip of Mr. Stimulant. For our own good.

It’s tea-time in London need I say it’s 7:45pm (Monday evening in the UK) though tea should trend some will give their mandate to coffee in order to bear sleep malice. Therefore while many opt for tea some will say, ‘I do’ to coffee.

Students meet exams; journalists meet deadlines …; workers meet promotion interviews and so on … these experiences often bag the award of No Sleep.

It’s 8:45am (Tuesday morning) in Wellington New Zealand.

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