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‘College’ in the US is equivalent to ‘University’ in Nigeria and ‘high school’ means ‘secondary school’. Nigerians and some Africans at times use college interchangeably with secondary school (high school) after all college doesn’t mean university here.

As parents (once in a while) check unannounced on your children in college, high school and even elementary school. Chat, interact with their instructors, school management, even security agents attached to their schools.

Don’t take things for granted; don’t allow your children to be exposed to negative indoctrination. Babies are naive and their minds could be labelled tabula rasa (pardon the jargon) but no vacuum exists in life in that something or some things fill up gaps and gulf.

Violence was sown and the seed sprout but we don’t see the growing root until the shoot expresses malicious attacks from deep-seated obsessional hate, which could come with the label ‘indiscriminate shooting’, ‘racist, religious or ethnic extremism’ name it.

I believe you’re a good dad, true friend; responsible and responsive parents so be part of your children’s world, assess the information they access and so on.

Violence whatever type needs to be outdated even tech (as seen in gadgets) expires; Nokia 3310 had retired since but not the brand manufacturer, violence should not humans!

Good morning, it’s Tuesday morning in most part of Africa and beyond

Pearlvision … moving the world with innovations

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