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The Motivation Behind Lottery (I)

Betting could be gaming as far as Femi is concerned but it’s gambling when it comes to Yomi.

The spirit behind lottery is

If Solomon can win then Salomon can; if Kasamu can then Kisumu should; if a Ghanaian once; then a Cambodian might ….

 ‘We ‘lose’ money everyday but how we lose ours depends on our personalities. Alcohol leaks the pocket of Otiyemi; women empties the account of Omoyinka; books is the ‘esusu’ of Iweyale; Chloe has weakness for clothes; Shusma for shoes and they gamble their money on their obsession; drugs is the drone in Dan’s pocket … ‘Tosabo’ never became ‘Tokunbo’ because he lost #2.5m to fake travel agents; and way back in school Ilesanmi Onipetesi lost #120,000:00 to scammers who called themselves estate agents so if I lose mine while trying to make more; no big deal in fact I’m smarter; got a millionaire’s mind to dream and feel this special way.’

The first theory is in the conscious mind of betting enthusiasts and the second may likely be in their subconscious; and the above is Naija template; Ghanaians, Chinese, Arabs, Germans … have theirs.

No big deal in betting if you can bet responsibly and many actually do and many also run into debts while observing same. But this behaviour is 18+ I supposed so it’s strictly for adults – young adults et al and adults who run into debts … are kids!

With this mindset (from analogies cited) it’s not possible for betting enthusiasts and gaming businesses to go moribund.

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