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The Motivation Behind Lottery (II)

Betting business is worth millions of dollars.

By extension it is the same mindset that makes this class of people patronize Ponzi scheme businesses. I don’t bet but I don’t condemn or nag those who do but those who run into debts deserves some tongue lashing though some are suffering from addiction and deserve professional intervention.

To every phenomenon in life there are two possibilities … canker worms, saboteurs in your finances could be physical or spiritual but the spiritual is usually difficult to cure. In fact the attack could come softly, subtly in form of weakness for women, drugs, alcohol and betting and many people don’t have savings because they are staff of one or more of these variables.

How bad!

Gaming vs. gambling.

Gaming is if your brake system isn’t faulty. You’ve got self-control and you play your games smartly.

Gambling is faulty brake in that if you play and lose you keep playing hoping you will win till you exhaust all your resources.

It’s using someone’s money to bet.

It’s having the mindset of banker but upside down. What do I mean? It’s using the money your wife lent you to pay your landlord to bet.

Koledowo’s wife lent him #250,000:00 to pay their landlord. ‘This is money, let me quickly use it for business make double, pay the landlord his 250k and make my own 250k or more,” Koledowo reasoned.

Is that an informed risk? Depends on what you invest the money in but in the case of Koledowo he ‘invested’ his in betting. He’s a gambler.

Gbadeyan just moved to a neighbourhood and couldn’t find any betting facility but he didn’t bother. Gbolayan in his own case embarked on the journey of the ‘Children of Israel’ to locate a gaming facility. He spent 7k to finally locate one. He earns 45k per month.

Can you see the difference?

In rounding off, if you’re not Yoruba by tribe or secondary speaker of the language you won’t understand the effect of the names I use in my article. Unfortunately.

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