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The Supreme Intelligence of God in Animal Behaviours.

Python (sic) swallowing a crocodile.

Food is survival, where reproduction is extension of life; without food life ceases to exist and in the absence of reproduction extinction will follow. To this end the perfection of God is exposed in the exceptional intelligence He downloaded in food searching and baby-making skills and instincts of animals.

Matter-of-factly intelligent humans are likely to be rich, wealthy and this is invite to members of the opposite gender.

Biggest, healthiest, most beautiful and strongest.

From my research with chickens (cockerels and broilers) I discovered the biggest roosters are usually the most beautiful as well as the healthiest and strongest and yes they are likely to have many wives amongst the layers if kept together.

Aside perking order when it comes to food, they will rule the pack when it comes to copulation and reproduction (babes and babies) after all they are usually the biggest and most beautiful (they show deep and rich colours) and that makes them irresistible to ‘sisis‘.

They are no sissy and so more babies will likely come from them.

On a broader note now male animals that are healthy and more intelligent are likely to be better in hunting and catching preys and that means better health and strength and ability to woo and win females. And the likelihood to extend their good genes. Female animals are selective too you know.

God had blessed the billionaire here but he must interpret His script after all he’s His chosen. I research but I’ve not been researching believe me and believe me again it’s not everything I can divulge here. Beyond the scope of this site.

Anaconda (sic) vs Croc. When two predators combat then the battle becomes flesh eaters vs. flesh eaters.

@ image: the hunter is being hunted. Anacondas like pythons and some other snakes are constrictors and we can see @ image and yes they are Mr. and Mrs. Swallows.

Since animals were first created by God … then Africans are pirates, we mimic them when we observe swallows on our dining tables. Talking about semo, pounded-yam, amala, akpu ….

Crocs are smart and pathetically many had killed and eaten humans, same with pythons and anacondas but snakes at times attack, crocs, and alligators and they rely on their skills and strength as well as ambush to hunt down this deadly predators.

I once watched lion vs. croc they both tried to attack each other but in the end the lion retreated. Lions are not so equipped and skilled to hunt down these top predators but not pythons and anacondas. Once a snake coils its body round croc it’s got an edge.

Predators are smart when it comes to catching their preys but God also made preys skillful otherwise predators will wipe them out and also die of starvation.

‘Sisi’ means unmarried lady, babe but in this context it connotes layers.

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