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Transport and Communication (feat. Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana).

Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana.

Transport and communication represent the heart and heartbeat of the economies of nations the world over. The state of this sector as well as the players x-ray the state of health and wealth of the city or clime under review.

Industrialized economies have advanced transportation and communication network because these facilities power economies and the good of one is the goodwill and goodness of the other which is good news overall.

Industrial action temporarily shuts down the economy of nations because this sector actually powers the economy and restricted movement means a clog in the wheel of commerce and economic activities. And transportation is central to movement.

Communication (telecoms) is another virile and vibrant aspect of the economy and another form of movement but this times more of ‘parcels’ than humans but humans and parcels correlate and so these two sub-sectors are inseparable.

All transactions are premised on transportation and communication: to go to work, school; execute legislative matters, business deals, contracts all involve contacts which this sector enhance.

You need to consult your health caregiver, attend town hall meeting, source groceries in the local markets, shopping mall you must patronize these facilities and that’s why the state of a nation’s transport and communication system gossips the state’s advancement.


Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana is crucial to Ghanaian railway.

Railway system decongest traffic on our roads which is a plus to rush-hour after all it helps save man hour, stress and also reduce heavy-duty vehicles, which is longevity overall to our major highways.

Long hours spent in (to-and-fro) traffic on a daily basis means wasted resources because time is resource and gridlock subtracts time (impacts) from both work and familytime.

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