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Education as Life and Lifelong Contract.

Literature students in class.

Education is lifelong and for decades, in fact throughout life we’ll keep learning. It’s from womb to tomb.

Education has two variants: formal and informal (moral) and yes the two are sourced from God, the author, inventor and pioneer of knowledge. So nothing like ‘Western Education’, in fact it’s a misnomer to label formal schools as western education facilities. 

Call it ‘God Education’ and you’re right on point. Civilization is a child of education and civilization has a link with Egypt.

Perhaps education was taken for granted, maybe ignored outrightly by Africans and another group of human race grab, garb and took further and farther. Good. Good news to all.

There’s always the missing link and perhaps anthropologists, historians et al can help fix the puzzle. Europeans were smart, smarter with education and availed themselves of the opportunities inherent but education had been from Day 1.

Chinese, Arabs, Indians don’t play with education and they are never resting on their oars. Many (maybe most) Africans till date have not learnt they keep ignoring education and ironically they religiously fan the embers of corruption. Alas

Yes we are and we are from Pearlvision.

Pearlvision … moving the world with innovations.

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