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Picture of the Day this Saturday January 19, 2019.

Camera manufactures pictures and picture feelings paste smiles on our faces. (social media) If every second of the day features pictures perhaps we might smile 24/7 our entire life. But smiles are cheap and easy so subscribe and be her…

Ethnicity and Dance Steps.

Dancing couple in aso-ebi. @ image: the dancing couple, don’t forget we’ve got the dancing Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Sen. Ademola Adeleke). Now dance isn’t just arts but way of life of a group of people which…

Knowing the Events to Edit from Your Weekends.

Nice points, thumbs up to this smashing couple (Pinterest) Events are awesome for they are celebrations of life, love, success, achievements and time to connect or re-connect with family and friends but be wary of events otherwise you may not…

Family Time as Quality Time.

Family time is sacrifice it insures, services your love and affection. (social media pix) Every good thing (family in this context) demands time and when we sacrifice the time resource it deserves, we show we value our loved-ones. There’s love…

Library of Words Hidden in Deeds.

As a man, helping out in the kitchen doesn’t take away your masculinity (credit: Shutterstock) @ image the man is whispering into his son’s subconscious mind the following: Women are the Presidents of Kitchen Republic and men are their Vice….

The Place of ‘Character and Learning’ in Our Society.

When the centres of our homes are learned they advance our society (credit: VideoHive) ‘Character and learning’ are perfect tools for nurturing our children into holistic adults.

Why Our Favourite Fashion Items Don’t Usually Last.

Passion for our favourite fashion items is usually a disservice. We love to explore, enjoy our favourite items from foods to drinks, movies, music, restaurants, holiday destinations …  some people can even eat their favourite meals as breakfast, lunch and…

Arsenal Host Chelsea (On January 19, 2019) in Week 23 of the EPL.

London Derby: Arsenal vs. Chelsea. No. 5 vs. No. 4 (Getty Images) The biggest game of week 23 is a London Derby which uploads the Gunners against the Blues. The two teams are currently fighting for the top four slot….

The Top Three EPL Scorers (Aubameyang, Mo Salah and Harry Kane).

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has netted 14 times in the league this season. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal; Harry Kane of Spurs and Mohammed Salah of Liverpool share the top spot of EPL scorers sheet. Each of them has 14 goals. Arsenal are…

Weekend as Antidote to Wits’ End.

Weekends are vacations, events, aso-ebi fashion all rolled in one (credit: pinterest) Crying alarms, traffic, overbearing bosses, deadlines, tasking files crying for attention … are all passwords to wits’ end but weekend comes as breath of fresh air and burst…

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