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Schools as Instructions and Mini-Life.

Home and school expose your children to sea of instructions (mummypages.co.uk) Some homes mean luxury but not conducive for the upbringing of children because dad or mum or both are bad role-models, this is applicable to schools as well. Concept…

Promising Tuesday (Feat. the Kosokos: Adekunle Gold and Simi Ogunleye)

Promise Music Video by Adekunle Gold and Simi. They are professional partners and they are also partners in love (Youtube) It’s a promising Tuesday please embrace. Have a beautiful, colourful day ahead.  

Bedtime Café (Let’s Talk About Sex).

Sex is has both the physical and spiritual components (image credit: Jordan Siemens / Getty Images) Science and the spiritual meet in sex Your mind is mine, tools as well as devices and resources readily available in sex for sex…

Eagle-Eye Ideology in Business.

Defining, identifying and catching your customers is smartness in business. (social media) ‘Eagle-eye in Business’ is about defining, editing and streamlining your customers and potential customers down to a level where your business becomes Mecca of sorts, after all you…

Drop-offs and Pick-ups from Schools.

Fun in overload, how interesting! (social media) As couples, to avoid needless issues pertaining this subject try and dialogue in advance, in fact all these issues must be analyzed and possibly addressed in courtship. Now whose place of work is…

As Important as Proximity to Work and School (II)

Children must navigate home and school and responsible parents are responsive to this issue (shutterstock) In a nutshell when moving to a new home or planning to buy one don’t forget accessibility to basic facilities matters a lot. Your place…

As Important as Proximity to Work and School.

Drop-offs and pick-ups are crucial needs in families (Shutterstock) When moving house (changing apartments) many parents forget their children in the scheme of things and had relocated before perceiving the huge vacuum so navigating becomes big issue. They solve but…

Week of Double Blessings Ahead.

Twins are two-in-one gifts May your week be full of double blessings. Double blessings in love and life. Double blessings in your professional and personal life Welcome to a brand New Week. Welcome to Success.    

Story Story (Bestseller Love Stories)

Fashion, family, celebs, beauty, love and career are bestsellers when women gather (social media) As singles many women had one suitor maybe two or three who stood out amongst the pack and gave them tough time, unforgettable memories so much…

Nature-Nurture Variable in Fashion

Fashion is sense and statement. (Youtube) Clothes are fabrics and colours so match the styles and colours that suit your brand and it will flaunt and celebrate your brand.

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