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‘The Faces and Blazes of RMD.’

RMD the politician (thenet.ng) RMD was once a reporter and once a reporter, always one. He studied Theatre Arts at the University of Benin (UNIBEN) and went on to study Law at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). He’s a proud…

Entertainment and more Relationships

When Marriage is Perceived as Prison.

Katlyn Mckee Katlynn McKee, a 25-year- old mother of one set her US $1500 wedding dress on fire in celebration of her recent divorce after four years of unhappy marriage. She took a basket housing a bottle of wine, scissors,…

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‘Learn to Zip Up!’

Zip up, yeah close the gate and preventĀ  STIs and unintended pregnancy from gatecrashing (istock) Zip Up is an article on the need to abstain from sex as singles or stay faithful if married. Zip up in Literal and Figurative…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Parents as Indispensable Teachers.

As parents, you’re your children’s first teacher for they learn many things from you. They learn to pronounce words, make short sentences … from you. Now teachers are teachers regardless of the facilities they use in disseminating instructions and parents…

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Hajia Abbah, Where Age Worships Beauty!

The matriarch of Folawiyo family, Hajia Abbah Folawiyo. (trendyafrica.com) Hajia Folawiyo is the wife of late industriliast Baba Adinni of Nigeria: Alhaji Chief (Dr.) AbdulWahab Iyanda Folawiyo. She’s is a fashion entrepreneur (Labenella Fashion House) socialite, fashionista and ageless fashion…


Real vs Ideal Self.

The Ojoras: boardroom guru Otunba Adekunle with his friend, wife and partner, Erelu Ojuolape. This quintessential couple and socialites have been married for over 60 years. Your real self is who, what and where you are at the moment but…

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Weekend Wardrobe.

Sophistication is class and class is personality and lifestyle (Pic source: imgrum.org) @intokazy Weekend fashion is about you not bureaucracy, nor boss not even codes and conduct so relax no strict rules therefore forget the boss, boardroom … smile, relax…

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Picture of the Week.

Local champion meets with global champion. So you’re not tall Odunlade and you intimidate your male colleagues in movies? Please scratch that or pretend not to have seen the information so you don’t come for me, after all those you…

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The Season of Sunglasses.

Chinedu Ikedieze. Sunglasses are devices for protecting our eyes from the damaging effect of the sun. Incidentally we are experiencing heatwaves in Nigeria at the moment and these essential fashion accessories are in vogue and seriously trending. (more pics and…

Entertainment and more

The Beauty Queens Called Smiles.

Award-winning Kannywood actress Hadiza Aliyu aka Hadiza Gabon sporting an inspiring smile. Little wonder she’s the ‘Queen of Kannywood.’ @adizatou. Smiles are makeup artists as well as makeup itself. Just as there are different genre of music there are diverse…

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