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Impediments to Healthy Sex Life.

Social media, electronic gadgets … the coup plotters overthrowing sexual intimacy in our various homes. (Pic source: sustainhealth.com.au) Many factors affect your sex-life and what impacts your intimacy in bed affects your marriage. Factors like career, business, ill-health, stress, children…

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The Yemi Solades.

Hannah Marsh and Yemi Solade. (Pic source: naijagists.com) In Yemi-Hannah relationship actress weds actor. They actually met on the set of the popular Family drama series Superstory. Yemi is a Yoruba man while Hannah is biracial with European and Nigerian…

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Picture of the Week.

Smart boy! (Pic source: feedback.com.ng) ‘The picture of the week’ this week comes in form of cartoon. I perceived a smart and brilliant boy. LOl Tit-for-tat, right? I guess no one has 24/7 monopoly in life and the smartest person…

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Have a Week of Twin-Blessings.

Celebrity photographer and music act TY Bello with her twin-boys (pic source: naij.com) We shared these pictures of Nigerian celebs blessed with lovely twins to usher you into a brand new week of double blessings. Securing a lucrative job capped…

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Does Life Now Begins at 70?

Zahra Buhari-Indimi with her dad President Muhammadu Buhari in a selfie-pose, which was shared by the former to celebrate her dad on Father’s Day. With the day-to-day advancement in science and technology and breakthroughs in medicine, engineering … the lifespan…

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Kissenger the Kiss Messenger!

Kissenger is a special device for transfering kisses across distance. (Pic source: kissengerlovotics.com) ♦Our 21st century world is full of diverse contraptions which make life easier, sweeter and better but many come with their downsides as well. Nonetheless science has…

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Church Wardrobe!

Chic describes her and her church can’t wait to say, Welcome princess! Church is a very conservative facility and as such society expects all to conform to its dictates. Whatever our moods or status church welcomes all and disregards none!…

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Dad-Daughter Issues!

Nollywood actor Tony Umez proudly shared this lovely pic of him with his adorable daughter on social media. An ideal African man may not complain if all his children are males but many will turn to factory manufacturing complaints in…

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A World of Comedy.

Falz the bahd guy. (musicinafrica.net) Our 21st century world is filled with entertainment and with the click of the mouse … we access entertainment at its peak! Entertainment is now mobile, very mobile because they are now in our phones…


The Kelechi Amadi-Obis.

Julia and kelechi Amadi-Obi. The iconic photographer joyfully shared the picture to mark 14 years of pleasure and pressure after saying I do!. Kelechi is a lawyer turned celebrity photographer and painter and Julia Uzoma, an architect and interior designer…

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