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Week 16 Fixtures of the EPL

World-famous Barclays Premier League. Saturday December 12 2015: Norwich v Everton: Will Norwich turn the Toffees to steaming cup of coffee? 3 points for sale who will hawk, who will buy? 90 minutes will reveal. Crystal Palace v Southampton: Everton…


What You Detest Most in the Opposite Gender

Olatunji Damilola “Women are born actors. A typical lady is too fussy and melodramatic and they over-exaggerate just to invite and possibly get attention. Mild headache comes out as migraine!” (More pix and info if you proceed)


Most Beautiful Part of You

Bolu Olowo “I can’t really say for it depends on what people see and say but left for me, I’ll say my sense of humour. In addition I love and understand sarcasm and of course my physical beauty. I smile…


Argentina’s First Family

President Mauricio Macris with his wife Juliana Awada. Mauricio is an experienced politician and leader coupled with Juliana, a business woman with Asian roots. We expect her liberality and wide world-view to impact positively.  We at olayemiogunojo.com wish this couple…


360-Degree Relationship Talk.

Couples sharing love and intimacy. This post revolves around many facets of intimate relationships and tries to kill death in few minutes. Big v big Gal One makes her money using her brains; the other makes her money using her…


‘Foreplay’ Before Foreplay.

Foreplay to an ideal man is endless wait at the tube. To women it’s pleasant trip to Ecstasy and Fantasy Island. Women feign ‘O’ to please their partners, men fake foreplay to bliss their lovers. In a fast-paced, rat-raced and…


The Life in Our World!

Value, cherish and adore the gifts of life in your life. It’s a life where you meet someone and you feel (perhaps mutual or isolated feelings) let me just keep myself busy with this man (or lady in another context)…


Countdown to Christmas!

Christmas-shopping is what’s trending online and offline. Christmas is just 15 days away and we are counting down to that wonderful, beautiful day of the year. Merry Christmas and a jolly good New Year in advance, from all of us…


Gender-Based Coping Strategies.

Couples should learn to enjoy their similarities and endure, better still accommodate their differences in love and life. Though we all have our favourite TV channels, no channel whatsoever could meet all our needs. To this end we switch channels…

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Quotes on Marriage.

Anna and Robert Lewandowski “To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.” – Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu “My advice to you is to get married. If you find a good wife, you’ll be…

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