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The Akpabios

Ekaette and Godswill Akpabio. Former First Family Akwa-Ibom State (Southsouth Nigeria)


The Senior Bushes

Barbara and George Bush Former First Family (1989-1993) of the US.

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Football as Microcosm of Life (Part II)

Football greats: Ribery, Messi, Ronaldo In football if you go on reprisal mission you boil the blood of the referee and he could make you a scape goat with yellow card maybe turn you to steam and you vaporise from…


Kids and Kites

Kids and kites. Flying things – kites, birds, balloon, air-crafts impress kids. Kids and kites are like fish and fins. Kids want to fly. They love to fly. Please give them wings. Don’t let their immediate environment kill their aspirations…


The ‘Perfect’ Partner

Doting lovers. Let your woman fall in love with herself for falling in love with you and of course choosing you over all others. The perfect partner isn’t perfect he only does his best.


The Lesson for Today

Wonderful husband cum doting father. It’s easy for a man to be a wonderful husband and father or horrible husband and father. A man could be a wonderful father but horrible husband or wonderful husband but horrible father.


Educate Your Kids and Ward

Kids in school Not sending your kids to school is child abuse. Trust me. Educate your kids and ward to make them respectful, respectable and responsible.


The Dynamics of Food and Sex in Marriage

Couple having a hearty meal. Feed him and be kind enough to help him burn the calories from the food you’ve given him – by sleeping with him. It’s good to be good and when you do good, you’re dialing…

Entertainment and more

Week 4 of the EPL

The remaining results of the EPL this weekend. Tottenham 0-0 Everton (August 29 2015) Today’s EPL Results: Southampton 3-0 Norwich


Success and Fulfilment

They are planning for a fulfilled life. Success is a journey and fulfilment is the destination. it’s multi-faceted, you could succeed career-wise but fail in the home-front. You may have sound health, live long and enjoy life to the fullest…

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