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The Odemwingies

Sarah and Osaze Odemwingie. Britain Weds Nigeria.


The Lesson for Today

Life is a teacher learn from her. I care more about the religion of your heart than the religion of your mouth. Whoever you are, whatever your religion before you condemn to hell those who belong to other religions please…


Football as Mini-Life (III)

Diego Costa and Martin Skrtel confront each other. Football pitch has boundary and when balls go beyond its allotted space, the games stops automatically and is brought back into play through set pieces. Every stage of your life has boundary…


Did you Know?

Couple who double as intimate friends and lovers. Men say women are complicated; women say men are complex. But did you know that complex and complicated beings, things are actually easy and simple things? Yes with manual maybe formula. Every…


The Bushes

Laura and George Bush (Jr). The Bushes generally are renowned family of politicians. Two of which were former Presidents of the US.


Communication is Life

Warm Couple Communication in intimate relationship is like publishing books of your personality while accessing those of your partner to comprehend his person, her mind for blissful, fruitful affair.


What Powers a Speed Boat?

Speed boat uses fuel as its source of energy. Chemical energy from fuel (fossil fuel or hydrocarbons) which are long dead plants and animals but converted to energy by heat and pressure in the earth crust powers the speed boat….


What Powers a Canoe?

Using rudder to propel a canoe. Chemical energy stocked in us and sourced from what we consume is burnt in the process of paddling the canoe.


What Powers a Bike?

Man on bike. Energy (chemical energy) from us which is sourced from what we eat – plants and animals powers a bike.



Teenage-activist Malala Yousafzai Malala, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner survived an October 9 2012 extremist gun attack on her.

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