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Talking Business

Maureen Ekama, makeup artist. Q: If you travel abroad would you practise your profession? Our respondent, a professional make-up artist and Ibadan manager of one of the leading makeup brands in Nigeria, says,


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Wonderful Couple

#Lovely couple. “Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and happier is he who finds that true friend is his wife,” – Franz Schubert


Life of Energy (III)

Humans are biological machines which run on electrical and chemical energy; automobiles are mechanical machines which run on electrical and chemical energy as well. Humans create one, God created the other but humans use God’s resources to make his own…


Montessori Mode of Teaching and Learning.

Kids in Montessori Classroom. Montessori Schooling is basically an opportunity for learners to showcase their innate abilities through self-expression in an academic setting.


Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori. Late Italian medical practitioner and founder of Montessori Mode of Teaching.


Femidom as Contraceptives.

Femidom (female condom) The female condom (femidom) If your partner detests contraceptives and insists he won’t use any, not to worry there’s good news for you! With femidom you’ve got a great choice to prevent unwanted pregnancy (especially good for…


Football as Mini-Life.

Football unarguably is the mother of all sports. Men are very passionate about it though women are indifferent but the few who follow the round leather game love it more than monkeys love banana and dogs romance bones. Football has…


Stress in a Nutshell.

Anything that makes you sweat is stress. The good news however is that it could be positive stress like exercise, sex ….


Meet Actor Chiwetelu Ejiofor

Award-winning actor Chiwetelu Ejiofor. The protagonist in the box office 12 years a slave, is made in Nigeria.

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