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What Next After a Heartbreak?

WHAT NEXT AFTER THE ‘NEST’ HAD FALLEN? Healthy intimate- relationship is a nest for it gives us rest and respite, so if the nest falls what next? Vacations! Yeah, let your heart go on a sabbatical! It’s time to heal,…


Is beauty promiscuous?

                        Agatha Agatha Evoh, University of Lagos (UNILAG) alumnus, “That’s African mentality but I believe gorgeous ladies shouldn’t be promiscuous for guys would take advantage of you but those…


How expensive is beauty?

Victoria Obidike, a University of Lagos (UNILAG) alumnus; model cum beauty queen says, “Beauty though free-given isn’t cheap. To be realistic, its overall maintenance is expensive because the weather here is unfriendly and you need to protect your skin to…


Marriage is a major life event!

Comrade Adams Oshiomole, Governor Edo State (South-South Nigeria) and his lovely wife former Miss Lara Forte. Love and Relationship vary across societies. This type of intimate marital-relationship is common in Africa but in America it’s vice versa, in other words…


The Culprit (wall or irreconcilable differences)

             What went wrong between marriage and divorce?



                  Divorce is, “Life with you is meaningless!”



            Marriage is, “Life without you is meaningless!”


Fate at Dawn

Anonymous lovers? No, now revised and so evolved to ‘Fate at Dawn.’ Fate is magical for it works like magic. Many times faith trigger miracles, but miracles sometimes happen in the absence of faith? Hmmmmm, I call that mother of…


It’s Children’s Day

The fundamental needs of children are: warm, comfortable homes not just shelter; nutritious and balanced meals, good and modest clothing; sound formal and informal education. As responsive and responsible parents it’s your obligation to make unconditional provision of all these…

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