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Nature-Nurture Variable in Fashion

Fashion is sense and statement. (Youtube) Clothes are fabrics and colours so match the styles and colours that suit your brand and it will flaunt and celebrate your brand.

Sultry Sunday Wardrobe

She’s obviously ready for church (social media) Fashion is a language and your style is thousands of words coming from your mind while your mouth is on vacation.

Security Agents and Elections Go Together.

Our elections demand security agents to contain crime and criminals (social media) Aside uniform, security agents use their weapons to recognize and distinguish one another and many times they recognize fake security personnel based on this. Some fake soldiers were…

PVC as Access to Polling Booth

Proud owners of PVCs (social media) At owambe ‘ankara lowo-iwole‘ (access) at polling booth PVC (Permanent Voters Card) lowo-iwole and if you don’t have yours forget voting altogether.

Picture for this Era (Vote Not Fight).

Choose your leaders with your fingers so vote don’t fight (G. Alheri/VOA) What Nigeria demands and truly deserves: Fingers NOT Cutlass. Bliss NOT Bile Peace NOT pieces. So please sheath your swords! We are olayemiogunojo.com    

Friday Wardrobe (Abaya Style)

Abaya style is a signature for fashion conscious yet conservative women (eastessence.com) Friday is Mosque and jumat service and it demands special wardrobe from both men and women and for women abaya style stands out.

Meeting, Mingling and Parting Experiences.

TV shows are infotainment platforms. They entertain with information. (Discovery Learning) ‘From the horse’s mouth’ is sauce because we know the info is flowing from the original source which makes it firsthand information. Not doctored, tortured or nurtured by The…

Man United 0-2 PSG: First Loss of Ole Gunnar Solskjær as United Manager.

Last night Man United lost to PSG at Old Trafford. (image: PA) The Red Devils lost to PSG last night and I hope it was the game they lost and not their passion, motivation, teamwork and team spirit. That was Champions…

Fruitful Wednesday Ahead.

Family enjoying hearty breakfast (shutterstock) Have a big, blessed and fruitful Wednesday

NE: Nigerian Electorates and Their Diverse Expectations

Nigerian female electorates  Photo: AFP/Getty Images They are Nigerian electorates and they belong to different faiths, age and ethnic groups, socioeconomic status … but some things bind them together: They are Nigerians and want a better Nigeria through awesome, transparent…

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