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Entertainment and more

Weekend Wardrobe.

Sophistication is class and class is personality and lifestyle (Pic source: imgrum.org) @intokazy Weekend fashion is about you not bureaucracy, nor boss not even codes and conduct so relax no strict rules therefore forget the boss, boardroom … smile, relax…

Entertainment and more

Picture of the Week.

Local champion meets with global champion. So you’re not tall Odunlade and you intimidate your male colleagues in movies? Please scratch that or pretend not to have seen the information so you don’t come for me, after all those you…

Entertainment and more

The Season of Sunglasses.

Chinedu Ikedieze. Sunglasses are devices for protecting our eyes from the damaging effect of the sun. Incidentally we are experiencing heatwaves in Nigeria at the moment and these essential fashion accessories are in vogue and seriously trending. (more pics and…

Entertainment and more

The Beauty Queens Called Smiles.

Award-winning Kannywood actress Hadiza Aliyu aka Hadiza Gabon sporting an inspiring smile. Little wonder she’s the ‘Queen of Kannywood.’ @adizatou. Smiles are makeup artists as well as makeup itself. Just as there are different genre of music there are diverse…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life Relationships

Proposal vs Disposal.

Achievement in love is fulfilment in life. (Pic source: yourtango.com) Many times in life we’ve had our way and many times we never did but having our way doesn’t mean we embraced success, happiness and fulfillment and not having our…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Adam the Lover Boy!

My make-believe picture of Adam and Eve when they first met in the garden. (Pic source: practicalhappiness.com) Adam was the author of many things, in fact he was an inventor for he discovered many things. Now don’t doubt me if…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Women as Heroines.

First Lady (Nigeria) Hajia Aisha Buhari. Every woman is a star … I’m sure as a Nigerian based in Nigeria you must have contact that line – perhaps on TV, radio or billboards. In many homes many times women acts…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Height and Curves.

Media personality Tolu Oniru-Demuren (Toolz) has signature curves (CV) and in sharing her pictures on social media she inadvertently posts her ‘sisters’ as well. If women don’t have curves perhaps it’d be in their subconscious that something (some things) is…

Entertainment and more

Cele the Celeb.

Kannywood actress Nafisa Abdullahi gladly shares her infectious smile to honey your mind and spice up your day. ‘Cele the Celeb’ is a new item in our entertainment bouquet and it analyzes the experiences, day-to-day living and lifestyles of celebs….

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

God vs Science.

God is invisible but sees all and knows all! (social media) God is an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient being which means he’s all powerful, ubiquitous and of course all-knowing. His omnipotent and omnipresent resources make him tower over science so…

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