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Entertainment and more

Entertainment and more

Vision and Passion.

Visionary investor, entrepreneur and Chairman Heirs Holdings, Tony Elemelu. What goals do you have on your radar this week? Visionary entrepreneurs don’t just dream, they live and breathe their dreams! Passion is the fuel that powers your vision, so don’t…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Two Days to Val.

Dating isn’t just about outdoor it could be observed indoors as well. (Pic source: make-a-date.org) Valentine’s Day (February14) is a day set aside to celebrate love, like the grand-finale of affection. Christmas starts proper on December 1 but the grand-finale…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Admixture of Disappointment and Anger!

Our faces  billboard our feelings (fedupblackwoman.blogspotcom.ng) You were behind a tall man walking ahead of you but not hurriedly nor casually so you quickly overtook him to advertise your stuff. Stunt! As a woman it’s a crime to look at…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Locate and Update Your Path in Life.

Ramsey Nouah and wife Emelia. (Pic source: informationng.com) Divinity cannot be underplayed in destiny and using the map and compass of someone to navigate your path and trip in life is not just the beginning and end of frustration, but…

Entertainment and more

‘Come Make We Go ….’

Native attires are appropriate outfit for African events. It’s weekend so come make we go rock that event. Saturday and events are best of friends, playmates and dates. What event is beckoning and beeping you today? Wedding, birthday, anniversary, house-warming,…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Val. Gifts for Him!

(Pic source: smallbusiness.co.uk) Gifts could come in cash or kind and loving someone awesomely and expressing same wholesomely is a form of gift. Now many believe it’s out of place for a woman to buy gifts for her man hey,…

Entertainment and more

Mother of all Gifts.

Prayer is valueless yet unconventional gift. (Pic source: entertainmentnaij.com) If you don’t have cash to buy him gifts, of course you’ve got kind. So run your mouth and gossip your innermost feelings to God. Pray for him, it’s mother of…

Entertainment and more Relationships

‘Love Made by the Ekeindes.’

Nollywood star Omotola with her pilot hubby, Capt. Matthew Ekeinde. The love between Capt. Matthew Ekeinde and Omotola Jalade deserves to be archived via motion picture and novel. They met when Omotola was 16 and Matthew 26 and got married…

Entertainment and more

Gifts for Her this Val.

Hip-hop musician, activist and businessman Tubaba with his sweetheart cum better-half Annie. (Bellanaija). Tubaba proposed to Annie a Nollywood star on Val some years back. You know her pressing needs, wants and desires. It could be tab perhaps laptop maybe…

Entertainment and more

‘The Jacobs in Media and Entertainment.’

Nollywood actor Femi Jacobs (Pic: Megasabi) Award-winning Nollywood actor, singer, public speaker cum writer Femi Jacobs. He’s not just looks, brains as well! He studied Mass communication at Lagos State University and Marketing Management at Lagos Business School. He acts,…

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