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Entertainment and more

Have a Rosy Weekend!

A-list fashion designer Lanre Da Silva Ajayi of LDA Fashion House is wishing you all a rosy weekend. Our pending interviews continue in the coming week. Expect hot, spicy and juicy articles as well! Wishing you all a big, bright,…

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Couples’ Court

Mrs. Anita Usulor wrote her hubby an emotional letter which was published on this site yesterday and this is the reply of her hubby, Mr Usulor. The letter is a library which I don’t want to split so plan ahead…

Entertainment and more

Sevilla Europa League Winners

Sevilla proud winners of 2015-2016 UEFA Europa League. Congrats to you guys! La Liga may not be as sensational as the EPL but they sure boast of excellence and parade the v-e-r-y best of players the world over, little wonder…

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The Golden Boy Harry Kane.

Harry Kane proud winner of Barclays Premier League Golden Boot, in the just ended 2015-2016 season. Harry Edward Kane netted 25 goals in the season under review. He’s an English professional football player who plays as England and Tottenham Hotspur…

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Week 38 (2015-2016 EPL) Results.

Leicester City won the 2015-2016 season of the World-famous EPL. Arsenal 4-0 Aston Villa Chelsea 1-1 Leicester Everton 3-0 Norwich Swansea 1-1 Man City

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Clerics and Fashion Icons.

Ibidun Ighodalo of Trinity House. They are wives of clerics – pastors, bishops …. they are clerics as well. Of course they are blessed with beauty, brains and brawn. They are the wonderful women supporting their husbands, complementing them, giving…

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Consequences of Challenges.

Many times challenges come in form of vicissitudes, misfortunes, unforeseeable changes …. If challenges don’t kill you, they fill you! If challenges don’t trigger implosion they deliver explosion! If challenges don’t expire your dreams, they inspire your vision! If challenges…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Couple’s Court

Mrs Usulor based in Isolo, Lagos wrote her estranged husband a very heart-wrenching letter. Jobless man! November 26 was the day I made the biggest mistake of my life. Goliath mistake in its entirety! Oh, if I could turn back…

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Please Part Your Red Sea.

Drew Barrymore’s toothy smile is chic and lovely. Wonder what I mean by red sea yeah many people have red lips and when you smile you part your lips. Toothy smile shows your dentition thereby exhibiting some of your 32…

Entertainment and more

Impact of Radio Drama

Drama full of suspense, intrigues now live on radio. Dramas on radio like novels improve your mind, sharpen your thinking and of course sets your subconscious mind in motion! Television has facility for audio and video (image) and as such…

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