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The Subtle Battles in the Minds of Children.

Available parents teach and learn from their kids as well. (credit: dreamstime.com) The Riddles Peculiar to Great Britain in International Sporting Games: You were watching ‘England vs Colombia’ the previous night and your son whose mind had been carrying placards,…

Health/Wellness Relationships

Setting Out From the Tea Side of Life.

Tea and coffee lovers cherish the storm in their cups. (social media) Sip and take the feelings, energy and experience along with you. Update your life; activate your day with steam from the cup. Have a warm, productive day.

Health/Wellness Relationships

Bedtime Café (Dreams vs Nightmare)

This is admission into the institution called Sweet Dreams (credit: iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Lund) Dreams could be sweet like honey especially if we dream about our dreams little wonder Hassan who uses Nissan in real life was all smiles in his…

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Nature vs You.

When sleep gatecrashes but catches you at a spot that doesn’t soil your salt. (credit: dailyworth.com) They say you can’t cheat nature but if you try to it will steal and seal you with sleep. But Mr. or Mrs. Sleep…

Health/Wellness Relationships

The Issue of Sexual Harassment.

Music video of soldier where Falz and Simi went ‘head-to-head.’ According to dictionary.com the first meaning of harass is ‘To disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute.’ And by extension sexual harassment (in a layman’s…

Health/Wellness Relationships

What Your Children Deserve.

Sound education revolves around instructions which involve school and home and places of worship (credit: amvilleschool.com) Your children deserve sound education and not giving them is tantamount to abusing and limiting them They deserve nests; in other words warm, lovely…

Health/Wellness Relationships

‘Fatherhood as Feelings Before Feelings.’

The Mark Zuckerbergs with their first daughter Max (credit: Getty) For Zuckerberg, Facebook came long before Fatherhood but fatherhood had long been in existence – in fantasy long before facebook and reality. Children dream and see themselves in fatherhood shoes…

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‘The Science Coming from Africa’.

Retired neurosurgeon Prof. Ben Carson with his medical team. (credit: Keith Weller/via Johns Hopkins Medicine) The 5 major senses: Sense of sight: the eyes collect signals from external stimuli and channel to the brain …. Sense of hearing: the ears…

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The Strengths of Feedback in Intimacy.

Just one lovely SMS from you to your spouse in the middle of work could  be the difference between a great and an average day. As a man if you receive the text message below from your partner I’m sure…

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness

‘Giving World Virginity Day Pen and Voice’.

There are many causes that need to be celebrated world-wide with a day set aside for such amongst which is World Virginity Day. World Virginity Day will be most appreciated for it will be a day set aside to celebrate…

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