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Nature vs You.

When sleep gatecrashes but catches you at a spot that doesn’t soil your salt. (credit: dailyworth.com) They say you can’t cheat nature but if you try to it will steal and seal you with sleep. But Mr. or Mrs. Sleep…

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The Issue of Sexual Harassment.

Music video of soldier where Falz and Simi went ‘head-to-head.’ According to dictionary.com the first meaning of harass is ‘To disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute.’ And by extension sexual harassment (in a layman’s…

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What Your Children Deserve.

Sound education revolves around instructions which involve school and home and places of worship (credit: amvilleschool.com) Your children deserve sound education and not giving them is tantamount to abusing and limiting them They deserve nests; in other words warm, lovely…

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‘Fatherhood as Feelings Before Feelings.’

The Mark Zuckerbergs with their first daughter Max (credit: Getty) For Zuckerberg, Facebook came long before Fatherhood but fatherhood had long been in existence – in fantasy long before facebook and reality. Children dream and see themselves in fatherhood shoes…

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‘The Science Coming from Africa’.

Retired neurosurgeon Prof. Ben Carson with his medical team. (credit: Keith Weller/via Johns Hopkins Medicine) The 5 major senses: Sense of sight: the eyes collect signals from external stimuli and channel to the brain …. Sense of hearing: the ears…

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The Strengths of Feedback in Intimacy.

Just one lovely SMS from you to your spouse in the middle of work could  be the difference between a great and an average day. As a man if you receive the text message below from your partner I’m sure…

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‘Giving World Virginity Day Pen and Voice’.

There are many causes that need to be celebrated world-wide with a day set aside for such amongst which is World Virginity Day. World Virginity Day will be most appreciated for it will be a day set aside to celebrate…

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World Virginity Day 2018.

Saying no to sex as teenagers or adults is a choice – very wholesome and healthy choice. (credit: social media) June 9 (yesterday) was set aside to mark World Virginity Day 2018. If 1 student in a class of 30…

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness Relationships

Bedtime Café (From DV to BV)

Rita divorced her hubby of 9 years, Ridwan no thanks to domestic violence. Rita’s mum knew her daughter very well and knew her tongue was no viper for it’s got no fangs nor venom and was just a victim of…

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The Dynamic Nature of Our Self-Esteem.

Self-esteem and success are friends and allies. (credit: freepik.com) We are our self-esteem and our self-esteem us … self-esteem is a very crucial and fragile aspect of us and like our body temperature it fluctuates in fact, restless like the…

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