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My Take on Abortion.

Expectant couple. Super Eagle’s player William Troost-Ekong with his intimate. I don’t know if abortion is silencing an unborn baby or sending the guest back to where he came from but if you’re euphemistic by nature you’re likely to choose…

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In Retrospect.

We take many things in life for granted until circumstances deprive us of them … as Ramadan begins tomorrow many Muslims who had hitherto seen food and access to same, as the norm and no big deal will suddenly realize…

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Untold Mum-Baby Domestic War.

@ image: when your baby sees you rubbing something on your breasts and feels you were adding sugar and honey to his milk so it could tastes sweeter and he’ll enjoy his meal better. And so his bliss climbed to…

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Weaning Palaver. (Baby Thomas vs Mummy Margaret)

MBGN 2010 Fiona Amuzie-Erede sure believes in breast-milk. Breast-milk is nature at its best nurture your baby with the best. credit: Let’s check out the thoughts of Thomas and her mum Margaret as they both face the battle of weaning:…

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Challenges as Diverse.

You can find bliss and peace in the midst of life’s chaos. Enobong wants to jump into billabong (river) because she’s got just 2 weeks grace (ultimatum) to pay her house-rent and she knew that this time her properties will…

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‘Wardrobe for the Rains.’

Ghanaian fashion blogger and stylist Violet Bannerman aka Akosua Vee in cold-resistant attire. (credit: social media) The rains are gathering momentum in Nigeria and has been knocking on our doors … the visits had been slow and steady – more…

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Bedtime Café (fighting mosquitoes and malaria)

Mosquito nets ward off mosquitoes. If a lion strolls into a football-viewing centre, shopping mall or the movies I’m sure everybody at the facility will scamper to safety after all it’s a matter of life and death and everybody will…

Health/Wellness Relationships

The Irony in Beauty.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, critically-acclaimed Indian actress and Miss World 1994. (credit: social media) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and because beauty comes in diverse packages it makes it ubiquitous and so none in life lacked all modes…

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness Relationships

Breathing in the Moment.

I’m a woman NOT Marrioman. (credit: social media) @ image: when your younger sister (5 years your junior) is getting married and people expect you to be bitter, sober and sombre and you say kurombe with your owambe pose.  Wedding…

Health/Wellness Relationships

Bedtime Café (Babies and Baby Bumps).

Parenting is lots and loads of responsibility and maturity. (credit: Getty Jessica Peterson). One of my classmates in junior high school once told me the story of a woman who had ‘twins’ he said the woman was already pregnant but…

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