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‘Welcome to Rat Nation.’

Rats apart from being vectors they are invites to snakes. (Image credit: social media) The Fakunles just moved from Abeokuta to Ekiti and unfortunately some rats moved with them. So when they got to Ekiti they unpacked and moved their…

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Fighting Lassa Fever.

School pupils learning (Photo credit : Sarah Gonser) Parents and teachers are tutors, mentors and together they educate, enlighten and advance their learners and protégés and finally transform them to well-rounded adults. Infectious diseases spread rapidly amongst school children because…


Bed Time.

Smart, sexy bedroom overlooking the sea. (Pic credit: social media) Unarguably the bedroom is sleep at sight. Indeed some bedrooms are not just tender night’s rest they add the jara of sweet dreams.

Health/Wellness Relationships

Beware of Lassa Fever!

Medics playing safe to stay hale and hearty. Medics in healthcare facilities attend to patients with all sorts of health challenges and they can’t be too careful so be extra-careful. Take precautionary measures before attending to your patients, while taking…

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Sweethearts are Sweet Dreams.

Knowing you’ve got someone who’s got your back in love and life is sleeping pills. (Pic credit: Getty Images) Sweet dreams is having your friend, soul-mate, playmate beside you in bed and their magical touch and sweet nothings are sleeping…

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Work vs Family.

Babies, kids of nowadays are smarter, they feel and think better. It’s good to upgrade your life, to add life to your bank accounts, have investments here and there, savings as insurance … but as you hustle to and fro…

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Bride for Life.

Brides are gorgeous. (Image credit:Pinterest) Brides are celebs at their weddings and the centre of their homes so be the bride not just for a day but a lifetime! Be the queen of your home, the evergreen bride of your…

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness Relationships

Putting Your Children in Your Plans.

Students of Thames Valley College at the UI  Zoo. As responsible parents I’m sure you’re very painstaking and detailed about what your children (babies, toddlers, preteens, teens … ) feed on. Yes instructions and meals but the latter is for…

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Sending Foreplay Over Miles.

Sex starts with foreplay which could begin in the mind and bed, couch … hosts the grand-finale (photo credit: social media) The fact that the human mind is the site of sex is big opportunity for you to make love…

Health/Wellness Providence/Life Relationships

The Wisdom in Caution.

Late Nigerian heroine Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh. Patients with infectious health challenges sometimes transmit to their healthcare-givers and if the disease has high mortality rate the infected may not survive as it happened in the pathetic case of Dr. Stella…

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