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That Friendship Bond Between Couples.

Couples who share close-knit bond with another often enjoy love and life. (image credit: istock) Many couples have one (sometimes two) couple as close friends, and they become real family when there’s true love amongst them. They share ideas and…

Health/Wellness Relationships

Public Space Deserves Respect.

‘Decorum’ is the god of public space. (pic source: shutterstock) What you do with your lives in private is left for you – it’s your space – no insults to other people’s sensibilities. No sweat. No ox gored! But what…

Health/Wellness Relationships

Your Decisions Make You.

Nigerian prolific investor Tony Elumelu decided to support and motivate African youths to become economically independent. You may not know how powerful, impacting your decisions are until you’re conscious of the fact that where you are (in love and life)…

Health/Wellness Relationships

‘Minimal Intimate Contacts with Maximum Effects.’

Intimacy is an indicator of friendship in marriage. I label it minimal contacts to differentiate it from sex but it’s not subtle, in fact it’s the real deal. Holding hands, hugging, backslapping, stroking, kissing, necking are intimate contacts that whispers…

Health/Wellness Providence/Life Relationships

Our Val. Baby Tiwaloluwa Chidera Aletile.

Tiwaloluwa Oluwademiladeola Chidera Aviella Aletile. Tiwaloluwa Aletile (the daughter of popular Nigerian comedian Seyi Law and his wife and sweetheart Stacey) is our Baby of the Month (Val edition). She encapsulates and epitomizes the essence of Val. She gave without…

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‘JJC Syndrome in Life.’

Life and love are blessed with roses and thorns, heights and depths. (credit: social media) Many situations in life furrow our brow, dry our mouth, try to choke us … lumps in our throat. Many of such send our hearts…

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness Providence/Life

As Beautiful as Nature.

Nature is next door so hug. (credit: social media) People who love life, cherish nature take time out to savour same and you don’t have to sink boreholes in your pockets, travel miles to enjoy the blessings encompassing humanity. Many…

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness

Your Subconscious Minds on the Spotlight.

Omotunde Adebowale (aka Lolo1) is an OAP, actress cum comedienne which makes her face animate facebook. (credit: social media) We all listen to radio (in our homes, offices or in traffic) and hear the voices of OAPs and overtime we…

Health/Wellness Relationships

The Formidable Partnership, Friendship Between Sex and Sleep.

Sex and sleep grant bliss and health. (Photo credit: The FertileChiconline) Sex and sleep are friends and identical twins. They are loyal tenants of Mr. Bed, the landlord! Though sleep and sex could also be observed elsewhere in the home…

Health/Wellness Providence/Life Relationships

See Your Sea of Blessings.

Friendship is indispensable for marital bliss and fulfilment. (photo credit: social media) Familiarity they say breeds contempt but the good news stocked in this bitter truth is that once you are conscious of this you should be cautious not to…

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