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Simple Medical Tests.

Comprehensive medical tests. The nature of your wastes – colour, texture, smell … says a lot about the state of your health.


Healthy Eating-Habits

You don’t have to stop taking your favourite meals but moderacy is key in our eating habits and in life generally. Cut down on salt intake, directly and indirectly. Put away the salt cellar and reduce the salt you use…

Health/Wellness Relationships


Happy couple. They boost your immune system, sharpen your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, induce your self-esteem and enhance your productivity. 2. They make you love and appreciate life. 3. You become a better employer or employee. 4. You become a…

Health/Wellness Relationships

Womb Transplant and Surrogacy

Surrogate mother and intended parents. Who says you’ll be childless for life because of your damaged womb?

Health/Wellness Relationships

Empathy Vs Sympathy

Healthcare providers empathise! There’s a major difference between sympathy and empathy. Empathy vs Sympathy. Sympathy is an emotional feeling toward somebody based on how we feel the person is feeling; it’s a surface feeling and hence tends to proffer surface…

Health/Wellness Relationships


Appreciation comes from gratitude. Appreciate great gifts. Appreciate good gifts. Appreciate small gifts.

Health/Wellness Relationships

The Rotimi Amaechis

Judith and Rotimi Amaechi. Couples should create time to relax in spite of busy schedules. Stroll and chat together at dusk better still jog together at dawn. 


Water is Life.

Water is life, so essential! Water is life, life is water. Water makes up over 70 per cent of the earth similarly about 60 per cent of the human adult body composition is water. We get water from the food…

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness Relationships

In Search of Beauty.

Nigerian-Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro. I was searching for beauty last night. I combed the cells of the body criss-cross the organs, examined undergrowth, overgrowth and eventually found the face.

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness

Deola Sagoe

Ageless Deola Sagoe. (social media) Deola Sagoe is a quintessential haute couture fashion designer.

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