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‘One Fashion Item Two Ideas!’

Head-warmer wards off cold keeping you warm and active. (pic credit: tesco.com) Many Nigerians are feeling the cold of harmattan at the moment; not new after all it’s December and Christmas is synonymous with harmattan-cold. Where harmattan goes, lip gloss,…

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Toward a Safe Christmas.

Drive to arrive and stay alive. credit: social media Christmas is here and we usually celebrate festive occasions with our loved ones – family, friends and relatives. And to fulfill this obligation we travel from our work stations, schools ……

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness

Start Right This Week.

God instituted the home as our internal and eternal support base as individuals. (credit: linkedin.com) Monday is here, another beautiful, wonderful week is here so hug and kiss. Now know and note that the beauty of the week is anchored…

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Versions of Sex.

A home filled with love and lovemaking is a blessed marriage. Bliss and peace peak in such homes. (pic source: shutterstock) Rape is sex, so is lovemaking and conventional sex. Rape is pains and pressure for one and pleasure for…

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Self-Fulfilling Prophesy in Relationships.

You’ve got to have some things in common in life to cherish your love much more. (credit: BellaNaija) Self-fulfilling prophesy is the typical behaviour of a person that highlights as well as bring to reality the beliefs, stereotypes, ideology we…

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‘Mentoring Your Big Girl’.

Early puberty if not well managed may lead to teen pregnancy and the like. (credit: social media) In our contemporary world girls of 11, 12, 13 … have bodies of ladies who are 19, 20 … these are big girls…

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Multifaceted Nature of Domestic Violence (II)

Women are also guilty of extramarital affairs but they are often triggered by one or more variables. (credit: social media) Extramarital affairs by women many times are caused but it doesn’t have to be triggered for many men to embrace…

Health/Wellness Relationships

The Multifaceted Nature of Domestic Violence.

Extramarital affair is an ally of domestic violence and to some it’s also violence. (Pic credit: social media) I accessed on social media some days back where a Nigerian entertainment celeb was quoted from her social media … she had…

Health/Wellness Relationships

Proactive vs Reactive

Sanitation is essential to individuals, families and communities. (social media) Prevention they say is better than intervention therefore fight your challenges early enough and save lots of money and time. Fighting mosquito is a proactive measure that prevents malaria but…

Health/Wellness Relationships

‘Hills and Valley.’ (Female Version).

African actress Yvonne Okoro expressing self-love via selfie. (social media pic) Not ‘Hills and valley’ but ‘hills or valley’. Yes such describes life because many phenomena don’t and many more can’t go together in life for instance you can’t be…

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