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(Video) Notable Lessons from Animal World.

Lessons from elephants, one of the smartest animals. The baby elephant was optimistic, he knew his faith could subdue his fate to rise to fame. He was rugged, dogged stoic and maverick. He never gave up instead he took a…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

‘The lol of clerics that isn’t lol!’

Pastor EA Adeboye aka daddy GO. (credit: social media) There are too many issues that need prayers in love and life which make prayer points sands of the desert. And so just as players want to have an edge on…


Jummah Mubarak from Aishah Obabiyi (Miss Muslimah 2013).

Miss Muslimah World (2013) Aishah Ajibola Obabiyi. It’s Friday and Juma’t service is loading … and Aisha is whispering Jummah Mubarak to all Muslims across the globe. more pics ahead


Biblical Events in our Contemporary Times.

Elder statesman and Former President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Many stories documented in the Bible are replicating themselves in our contemporary world but many times we don’t take cognizance. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s prison-to-palace (presidency) mirrors Joseph’s prison-to-palace (Prime Ministerial…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life Relationships

Root-Shoot Partnership and Philosophy.

Root-shoot philosophy is abundant lesson, blessing when applied to love and life. (credit: social media) Mr. Root’s apartment is in the ground; Mrs. Shoot’s home is in the air though Root gives Shoot free accommodation and also provides life’s basic…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

The Man on the Pulpit.

Pastor Tunde Bakare Senior Pastor @ Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos. Many no longer respect clerics no thanks to the bad, evil and crime the so-called clerics had done and doing but anybody could wake up today and attach one of…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Your Mindset as Your Age-mate.

The girl was practically looking into the sky to access her mum’s face and the boy? Wao he’d have to look into the sky of skies to see his mum. As a child all adults are giants yet kids know…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Pot of Issues.

Your neighbours could mean people from other religions, race, political affiliations … and not necessarily spatial (residential) neighbours. Rahman Seriki a certified computer engineer works in the Lagos head-office of PHOTOPS – phones and laptops retailing and repairing company with…


Providence as Epitome of Diligence.

God is far away yet closest all ways, always. (image credit: jordonewrites.com) God didn’t create the world and afterwards went back to sleep for He monitors, impacts events in life. The persistent balance of nature is attributable to the diligence…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

‘The Maze Called Life.’

Add smile to the picture on the left, add the bead, earrings and headgear and see if her natural looks (before-makeup beauty) won’t come close to her after make-up effect. (image credit: social media) If your behaviours used to be…

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