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Entertainment and more Providence/Life

The Street Called Life.

Street is life and stress and bliss and bile. (credit: whatsapp) Movies and music are the chief component of entertainment and the one that’s gifted in the arts of entertaining others not only make waves but wins awards and is…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life Relationships

Let’s Talk About Marriage.

Veteran actors who double as couple Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva. This couple are both celebs, actors, colleagues, friends and partners … married for over 32 years and of course counting. Many times we’re quick to chastise couples when they…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

‘When Master Looks Up to His Servant.’

Umbrella is servant on top of master. (credit: flickr.com) In life the servant is usually under his master but to every phenomenon in life there are two possibilities and of course no hard-and-fast rule in life. To this end, in…

Providence/Life Relationships

Mum-Baby First External Contact.

Typical example of love at first sight. (credit: social media) Majority of women experience and express love for their babies at first sight. Some however experience the reverse especially when the baby is a product of unlawful carnal knowledge, incest,…

Health/Wellness Providence/Life Relationships

Challenges as Diverse.

You can find bliss and peace in the midst of life’s chaos. Enobong wants to jump into billabong (river) because she’s got just 2 weeks grace (ultimatum) to pay her house-rent and she knew that this time her properties will…


Can You Outsmart God?

Do more of worship and thanksgiving and less of requests believe me, it’s password to your testimony. (credit: social media) The fact that God says He would punish evil doers to the fourth generation makes some evil people see their…


Life of Information and Communication.

Muslims and Prayers: Islamic faithfuls pray five times a day and if you pray 5 times a day that’s 35 times a week; 140 times a month; 1,680 times a year and a man who had been observing same for…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

(Video) Notable Lessons from Animal World.

Lessons from elephants, one of the smartest animals. The baby elephant was optimistic, he knew his faith could subdue his fate to rise to fame. He was rugged, dogged stoic and maverick. He never gave up instead he took a…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

‘The lol of clerics that isn’t lol!’

Pastor EA Adeboye aka daddy GO. (credit: social media) There are too many issues that need prayers in love and life which make prayer points sands of the desert. And so just as players want to have an edge on…


Jummah Mubarak from Aishah Obabiyi (Miss Muslimah 2013).

Miss Muslimah World (2013) Aishah Ajibola Obabiyi. It’s Friday and Juma’t service is loading … and Aisha is whispering Jummah Mubarak to all Muslims across the globe. more pics ahead

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