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Providence/Life Relationships

Sadist Spouse on the Spotlight.

Sadists are people who source pleasure from the pains of others which makes them delight in hurting and inflicting pains on people. It could be emotional, physical, sexual, social … in a nutshell pains of others are undoubtedly their gains….

Providence/Life Relationships

Round the World. (II)

Love is a continuum: dating, courtship, wedding, babies, anniversaries, kids birthdays. (social media) Couple Mariam-Musa in Jigawa, Nigeria Mariam, heavily pregnant woke her husband Musa up at 5:00am and said to him “Darling, how time flies so it’s 11 months…

Providence/Life Relationships

Round the World (Intimacy mode).

Love and intimacy tastes better with resources. (pic source: diplomatresort.com) ‘Round the world’ mirror issues combating love and intimacy around the world: Couple Jack-Ashley in Manhattan, USA Ashley says she was divorcing her hubby, Jack for his extra-marital affairs. Let’s…

Providence/Life Relationships

Kids in Prayer Mode.

Prayer mode (social media) They are whispering ‘Jummah Mubarak’ to you and your family. May God answer their prayers.

Health/Wellness Providence/Life Relationships

Love and Hate as Neighbours.

Go into love with alert mind and forgiving heart and enjoy life to the peak. (social media) Life has got two sides – day and night, good and bad, love and hate …. It’s a life where God brings a…

Providence/Life Relationships

Life of Pleasures Stocked in Motions.

Food is potentially sweet and we source the pleasure stocked there-in for we chew. (credit: shutterstock) Pleasure is a mine but we tap the sweetness via locomotion. I don’t know your favourite meal but whatever it is if you put…

Providence/Life Relationships

‘Domestic Violence Isn’t for Better or Worse.’

Domestic violence is never accidental but a pattern. (social media) The sermon of for better or worse isn’t applicable in the context of domestic violence. Many people still hold on to the rule for better or worse even in marriages…

Providence/Life Relationships

Responsible Parents are Responsive.

Apart from giving your children good food, great home, nice clothing you need to guide them and allow God to guard them. Give them sound formal and informal instructions You’re their first teacher, mentor, tutor so don’t leave the responsibility…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Another Gift From God.

Gifts come in diverse modes but the gift of life is highly significant (Pic source: shutterstock) It’s a brand new week and every new week is a precious gift from God. What you do with the gift shows you cherish…

Providence/Life Relationships

Tolerance and Understanding.

Daystar Church, Lagos. Church is just a microcosm of life and in life you’ll always meet people who are different from you.  In terms of gender, race, religion, denomination, political affiliations, habits, hobbies, ideologies, sexuality, ethnicity …. That’s why the…

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