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Time Snails but actually Cheetahs!

Adorable father, Julius Agwu looking down at his amiable son. Give father and son some years and you’ll experience the reverse. Yeah the small boy would finally dwarf his ‘big’ dad. Parents want their children to supersede them in all…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Failures, the Highway to Success.

The red card is a lesson for Mario Baloteli. Red card on the pitch isn’t the end of a football career; red card in an examination isn’t the end of education. If you had red card in your undertakings today,…

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The Good Sides of Good Things.

Walking your dog is good exercise for you both. Birds of a feather indeed flock together. Good deliver of good and vice-versa. Sex is pleasurable and when done at the right time with the right person the harvest of the…

Providence/Life Relationships

God’s Faithfulness is Everlasting.

God’s love is ever sure and certain. As a learner-driver I often drive through new sites and woods to open fields to perfect my skills. But female hitchhikers often gesture to me to give them free ride but I often…

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Happy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a very significant day to Christians. Happy Palm Sunday and Happy Easter in advance: to all Christian Faithfuls across the globe. Palm Sunday is a day set aside to celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem…


What Happened to our Human Feelings?

The Golden Rule which is universal and timeless is synonymous with empathy in Psychology. How unethical! You saw a fatal accident scene. Some people had their hands on their heads, some channeling their pains, anger and stress to the ground…


Life: Where Riddle and Puzzle Meet.

Life is mystery encased in puzzle wrapped with riddle. It’s a life where people will demand and expect you to do for them what they won’t do for you in similar circumstance.


Are Religions Ticket to Heaven?

Heaven is a choice. I care more about the religion of your heart than that of your mouth. There are many schools but one education; many religions one God. The socioeconomic status of your parents usually determines the school you’ll…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Inspiration and Coincidence!

Rolls Royce Phantom. An inanimate construct. Yeah created by man. (more pix and info if you proceed)

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Did You Know?

Life is interesting! Some people are in business but make little or no profits from same yet they don’t shut down or log out of the business. Why? Of course their customers indirectly pay their salaries? How? They forget to…

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