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Go on a Date with Nature.

Chika Ike enjoying life and nature. (encomiumng) Nature is next-door so open your mind to life, your heart to love. Go sight-seeing, enjoy the arts of appreciation and contemplation. The attitude is gratitude and the by-product is health all the…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Locate and Update Your Path in Life.

Ramsey Nouah and wife Emelia. (Pic source: informationng.com) Divinity cannot be underplayed in destiny and using the map and compass of someone to navigate your path and trip in life is not just the beginning and end of frustration, but…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

God as Foremost and Best Engineer of All Time.

Clients at a shopping mall, obviously converting cash to goods. (Pic source: Getty Images) The first behaviour of God in creation was conversion – he converted chemical energy to sound and sound to light and heat energy. Although I often…

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Life of Pleasure.

Dayo Adeneye family. Dayo (D-One) and wife, Caroline celebrating the success of their daughter, Nicole. Dayo Adeneye/Instgram. Our tongues love sweet things; our ears crave good news and our minds like success. Money is sweet because it can buy sweet…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Right but Wrong!

Congregants at a local church parish. (Pic source twitter) Church is awesome and its attendance lovely. If you attend church service basically to charge your phone, now that’s nauseating! If you attend to catch a babe, perhaps a man, now…

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Sweet Bitter Experience of Prince Eke.

Nollywood actor Prince Eke (Pic source: nollywood palaver.com) Nollywood Bad Boy vs Naija Bad Boys! Prince Oluebube Eke’s source of livelihood is Nollywood which is Nigeria’s entertainment industry. I once read an interview of music legend Bisade Ologunde AKA Lagbaja…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life Relationships

Who Are We @ olayemiogunojo.com?

Beyond relationships. Beyond love. Beyond life. Above fashion & style. Above lifestyle. We champion a cause, a noble cause and that makes us humanity. Welcome to the city where humanity is the passport to gain access. We’re olayemiogunojo.com And we…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life Relationships

‘Mother and Mummy!’

Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) title holder Adaeze Yobo with her mum. She’s obviously expectant in the pic and happily shared as an expectant mum on social media. Any Aduke, Ajoke or Romoke could be a mum after…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Nature is Next Door.

Nature is passport and password to bliss and tranquility. (Pic source: mulpix.com/Instagram) Nature lovers enjoy life to the peak because nature is ubiquitous! Even if you’ve got a multi-million dollar mansion you can access nature perfectly. A Fulani hut in…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

Surrogacy Dates Back to Bible Times.

Holy Mary was the surrogate mother of Jesus. (Pic: Godsbreathpublications) Surrogacy in our contemporary world, where a woman carries the baby of another is newsworthy though no more news but it was already obsolete in the Celestial world before it…

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