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Perfect God

Self-love is good; narcissism bad! What’s strength, what’s weakness?  When our strengths dramatically becomes weakness frustration catwalks on the runway in our minds; when our weakness transforms to strength elation kisses our hearts. Nobody has monopoly of perfection or imperfection…


The Bola Tinubus

Oluremi and Bola Tinubu. Bola Tinubu is a Nigerian politician, businessman, former senator and governor of Lagos State as well as chieftain of the ruling party in Nigeria – All Progressive Congress (APC). His better-half and beautiful wife Oluremi is…

Entertainment and more Relationships

What You Cherished Most in the Opposite Gender

Daniel Francis, Medical student University of Ibadan (UI) “Their caring attitude. Women tend to take your issues like theirs and they attend to them promptly and decisively. Overall they make life better, easier and nicer.” (more pix and info if…


The Beginning of Rumour

Science is about investigation and verification not assumption and conclusion. Tunde was a graduate of Mass Communications and he works in an indigenous Telecoms. He had the notorious habits of eating his meat or fish before devouring his meal and…


Introducing Science Into Our Relationships

Honesty is science. Science is guided by instructions and makes life worth living. I strongly believe, and using this medium to formally propose that we employ, embrace and infuse the beliefs of science into our relationships. Science is good, great…


Vested Interest

Amala with abula garnished with apala music in the background is heaven on earth to many Yorubas. Our Cuisine, our culture. Mayode saw a pretty lady, Funke at the bus stop but was afraid to chat her up for fear…


Different Strokes for Different Folks (III)

The Z Family. The couple that peopled this family have issues, plenty issues. If a man isn’t happy, ideally his wife isn’t smiling. Men have bigger sexual appetite so a typical man would demand more sex than an ideal woman…


Different Strokes for Different Folks (II)

The Y Family. The couple that peopled this family are dissatisfied. The husband is under stress, the wife is particularly overstressed and in order to contain her distress she had to beg her husband many times to sleep with her….


Different Strokes for Different Folks (I)

The X Family. The couple who peopled this family, enjoy good and fulfilling sex life! Their careers are wonderful. They have refreshing home, interesting job, good health, great kids and of course very promising future. Birds of a feather flock…


Great Parents

Close-knit Angel Di Maria Family. Jorgelina, Angel and baby-girl Mia. Great Parents are like legendary leaders. They create fertile grounds for their kids to succeed much more and surpass them. A good leader performs excellently well in office but a…

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