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Prayers are Magical

Pray for your better-half, kids, marriage and home. Remember to pray for your spiritual leaders, not forgetting your neighbours … and for the peace of our world.

Entertainment and more Relationships

‘Bro and Sis’

Kissing is an essential part of wedding that even the shy must observe before all. Bro. Ayodele Bamidele kissed his bride sister Omodele Bamikale on their wedding day as if it was the heaviest sin, biggest crime ever yet at…


The Mutual Combination

The comedian Elenu’s family. Children are photocopies but original documents at the same time! The Akinlami-boy (boy in the image) is a product of Chinwe and Tunde, his proud parents. In other words, he’s the combination of his parents biology…


‘Your Relationship Table’

Your better-half deserves a trophy for winning the race. He was Kolade Molade Ajayi, a 45-year-old self-employed, happily married man with 3 kids. He became sexually active at the age of 21 and Bisola, 20 was his first love who…


Comedy or Tragedy at Sight?

ex-lovers. If a man meets his ex’s current partner, he assesses his financial worth vis-a-vis his own socioeconomic status ….


Identical Bodies but Different Minds.

British-born, Nigerian-based model, actress and media personality, Eku Edewor with her UK based beauty model and twin-sister, Kessiana Thorney. This posts, Identical Bodies but Different Minds talks about monozygotic twins popularly called identical twins but their personalities and lifestyles are…


Women Demand Initiatives From Men.

As a man if you can’t read between the lines in your relationship with your partner you may crash your craft not long.


Preserve Your Prized Possession.

Love involves so many sacrifices. Women are blessed when it comes to information retrieval – memories here.


The Van Vickers

Adjoa and Van Vicker Van Vicker with his sweetheart, friend, wife and proud mother of his lovely kids, Adjoa.


Reality v Fantasy

Women sharing ideas and fantasies. Virtually all female teenagers, young adults and even adults enjoy vacation trips to Fantasy Island and not just those who devour and digest romance-laced novels and love-focused magazines. The average girl is filled to the…

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