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Svetlana Alexievich

Svetlana Alexievich. Svetlana Alexievich, the Belorussian writer wins 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature.


Double-dating by Happenstance

Proposing at the right time. Women often criticise men for double-dating but some guys honestly got trapped by happenstance. They never had such pictures in mind at the outset. Double-dating by happenstance happens many times in love. It’s good to…


The Colin Powells

Alma and Colin Powell. Gen. Colin Powell (rtd) was a former Secretary of State of the US. They say old soldiers never die, may this wonderful marriage of 53 years and counting continue to flourish and blossom. This home is…


Your Very Best Choice

Your very best choice of a life partner doesn’t necessarily mean the richest, smartest, tallest, most caring, most beautiful or handsome but the partner that pollinates your flower.


Empty and Guilty

Empty and Guilty Image! Empty and guilty are indicators of addiction in intimate relationships. He was your ex but you couldn’t let go because he was a specialist in bed as such you were addicted to him. Yeah, he’s good…


The Nnamdi Obolis

Omoni and Nnamdi Oboli. Omoni Oboli is a Nigerian actress, movie producer cum director. She soars because Nnmadi roar with moral support, affection and love. He propels and motivate her to heights, desirable heights!


Audio and Video

Young Shall Grow Bus. When I see Young Shall Grow Motors on Nigerian roads I ‘see’ Vincent Obianodo – Naija not Ilu obodo!



Perseverance We need perseverance in love and life to achieve our goals and be fulfilled.


The Yemi Osinbajos

Dolapo and Yemi Osinbajo. Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice-president and Dolapo is his darling wife. The name Dolapo (female in this context) is synonymous to fame. Yeah, many Nigerian celebs have wives who bear that lovely name! We wish this…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Top Biracial Celebs in Nigeria

Lola Omotayo-Okoye. Smashing and dashing. Biracial people are mines of beauty. They are exotic products from combinations of two races. The top biracial celebs in Nigeria are: Lilian Bach with parents from Nigeria and Poland; Eku Edewor-Thorney: Nigeria and England;…

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