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Where Did He Propose?

Popular Nigerian comedian, Jedi proposed to his girlfriend, Jumoke on stage. He availed himself of the opportunity of Ali Baba’s 50th birthday party. Where did he propose to you? Where would  you like him propose?


The Teju Oyelakins

Tobi and Teju Oyelakin Teju (Teju Baby Face) is a popular Nigerian comedian, TV host and his darling wife Tobi is a top model. olayemiogunojo.com wishes this soap opera couple fun, love and laughter.


Family and Friends

Some friends stay forever and such friendships span time and space but most friends come and go but family will remain and be there forever. Your family is your signature, your kids, your prints in the sands of time. You’re…


The Howard Webbs

Kay and Howard Webb. Howard Webb is a world-renowned football referee and police officer. We at olayemiogunojo.com wish this warm couple love beyond ’90 minutes.’


The Mike Bamiloyes

Gloria and Mike Bamiloye. Mike and Gloria are evangelists, dramatists, movie producers and directors. The Bamiloyes preside over Mount Zion Film Productions, Ibadan, Nigeria. This filmmaking couple have been married for 27 years and counting. We at olayemiogunojo.com wish this…


Social Class ‘Wahala’ (Palaver)

You consider some variables which could influence the success or failure of your intended relationship with a potential partner and goose pimples assault your body but you couldn’t charge for assault and battery for you invited the insult and assault.


Quality Time With Your Family

Quality time with your family is an art, the science points towards companionship which is fertile ground for love to thrive the more and intimacy to blossom much more.


Dating Tips

Be open and honest in dating-relationship. Date a man or woman you’re proud of: in other words the person you can marry.

Entertainment and more Relationships

The Anthony Martials

Samantha and Anthony Martial. Marriages which involve childhood friends are lovely and refreshing.


Young Couples

The Kevin De Bruynes. Life isn’t a bed of roses; love isn’t a garden of pleasure and romance. Good and bad go together in life so is pleasure and pain but tolerance and perseverance conquers all. Marriage is challenging so…

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