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Agbada and Fila Wardrobe.

Agbada and fila go together to make a complete fashion team and statement. (social media) If chic qualifies females; cute represent men and debonair defines the man. @ image let’s give the fashionista distinction.  

‘All Eyes on Me Gele’.

Some geles are celebs on their own and when celebs garb them they grab eyes and say follow me. Gele has class and grade and also add class to the bearer and then upgrade their brands and feelings. Some geles…

Owambe as Food and Fun.

Food and fun is life and owambe uploads food and fun in abundance (owambe.com) Owambe especially wedding highlights love, it uploads loads of foods and drinks, adds fun and music and all these turn owambe to fun-spots little wonder it’s…

Transplanting Your Wedding into Your Marriage.

This is beyond aso ebi; it’s farther than bride with-her-bridesmaid; deeper than wedding; in fact it’s all as well as arts, life and lifestyle. Exotic item whispers luxury and when cherished, idolized it extends to longevity; as bride and groom…

Saturdays as Sanitation (Hiring Home-Cleaning Service Firms).

Cleanliness is next to godliness (social media) Weekends especially Saturdays are meant for sanitation – washing, cleaning, scrubbing and the like and many individuals, families have time to spare, after all no work and that’s vacancy, little wonder many of…

Life and Luxury.

Exotic taste is luxury; luxury exotic taste. Life is nature and full of c-o-l-o-u-r-s. It’s colourful, beautiful and it stocks opportunities and in opportunities lie resources and luxury. Life is 5-star already and with luxury, 7-star is expressed and experienced….

As Memorable (in Intimacy) as First Meeting.

Even if it’s just cap that rhymes with her outfit, aso-ebi goes on (pinterest) Men always like to see and analyze women from behind and their eyes usually rest, nest and feast at a specific site and yes the man…

‘As Jobless as Makeup Artist @ Bisola Umoren’s Wedding’.

Once a bride always a bride and this is bride Bisola Umoren sporting a makeup-free face at her wedding. One woman’s freedom is another’s prison and yes what Bunmi likes, Funmi might dislike and this is the case with Bisola…

Face & Fabrics (Feat. Tiwa Savage)

Multiple award-winning Nigerian music artiste Tiwa Savage. (social media) Tiwa stylishly, seamlessly mixed and matched her colours sourced from beauty and fashion (face and fabrics) and an adorable queen emerged at the other end.  

Shogo Eleyele the PA of Birds.

Olorunshogo (Shogo) a high school student based in Eleyele, Ibadan went to spend the long vacation (3rd term) with his grandma, Iya Yetunde (Iya) at Olorunsogo another neighbourhood in Ibadan. Shogo was in his fifth year in high school at…

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