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Maternity Wardrobe.

Visionary people are proactive not reactive. They think and plan ahead. When pregnancy is on your radar make provision for your baby – see your family doctor, eat healthy, workout regularly, sleep well, think positive and feel good – your…


‘Mr. X and Mrs. Y Equations.’

Couples who are sensitive don’t take their partners for granted. (Pic source: pinterest) They say a woman is never tired of hearing, ‘I love you!’ from her husband, that’s true! Behave it and voice it but be careful so that…

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Humanity and Languages.

In a world that’s becoming smaller and interdependent dramatically bilingualism and multilingualism are steps in the right direction. (Pic source: crownrelo.com) Languages are not just tools or modes and means of communication but culture, cultural identity, lifestyle, expression, instructions ……

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House of Hausa Brides.

Hausa brides own the copyright of these yarinya smiles. Hausa weddings  are special events that showcase Hausa culture, lifestyle, tradition and fashion. Hausa brides are very beautiful and ‘wonderful’ is the word when their bodies are adorned with henna paintings. 

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Welcome Back GMB.

Congrats to the First Family and all Nigerians on the successful trip of our dear President Muhammadu Buhari to the UK. We thank God for his life, healing and health. Our hearts are filled to the brim with gratitude to…

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The Good News in Bad News.

 Sales sail business with captain called profit. (Pic source: businessinsider.com) “I’ll call you,” from a customer or potential customer to a salesman is bad news likened to “I hereby sentence you to ‘24-hour’ imprisonment with hard labour,” from a judge…


Communication as Mouthpiece of Intimacy.

Nollywood couple Desmond and Victoria Elliot. Birds of a feather sure flock together and there is hardly any couple in life that doesn’t have something or some things in common. It’s a must that they have the same culture ……


Attention and Affection as Modes of Communication.

Affection is sourced from friendship. (Pic source: zeenewsindia.com) Women have three lungs and the third lung breathe the air called affection. If you bath her with attention, you are traveling on Love-Romance Expressway and already at the spot with the…

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Passionately Desperate Mode.

‘Desperate,’ describes survival-mode laced with hopelessness. (Pic source: socialchumbak.com) A man who presents his wife for ‘trade by barter’ deal is already and unfortunately in red-alert survival mode; alas his brains had stepped on banana peel and gone bananas. We…

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S-e-l-f-i-s-h People!

Greedy people affect the progress, success and advancement of others but since they are part of the system they are also soiling their own fulfilment. (social media) Olayinka, graduate of Philosophy cum student of Print Journalism at Nigerian Institute of…

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