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Dating in Marriage.

Couples should wine and dine like love and life. Life is dull when love goes on vacations; love is dry when life is missing. Love and life meet in dating and Honeymoon is the hotel where they lodge; little wonder…

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Wonderful Day Ahead.

Hadiza Salma Blell AKA Di’Ja, multi-talented artiste and artist. Di’Ja says have a colourful, beautiful Tuesday!


The Secret in Bones.

The omniscient God is at work 24/7. God created Eve from Adam’s ribs and again God brought back to life (in the valley of dry bones) those whose life had gone but their bones were the only thing left. Passive…


Are Men Babies?

Doting dad (Dave Beck) with his adorable baby. The resources God engineered in women (with special provision for babies in His mind) are one of those things which actually make them irresistible – desirable and appealing to men. Hips and…


Back to Genesis.

Love at first sight started in the Garden of Eden but it was divine. “…. And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and He took one of his ribs, and closed up…

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Week 37 (EPL) Results

The 2015-2016 EPL Champions: the Indefatigable Foxes. Norwich 0-1 Man United West ham 1-4 Swansea: the Swans are roaring once again like they did at the outset of the season but later lost steam. Crystal Palace 2-1 Stoke City Leicester…


‘Paul vs Paulina.’

Sex is an essential part of romantic relationships. Paulina sleeps quantitatively (frequently) and qualitatively (intensely) with her hubby anytime he was about travelling but on a good day she was quite lackadaisical about sex. Therefore Paulina was doing that to…


What Will They Do?

Men make life interesting; women make captivating. What will women do if there are no men in life? Conversely what will men do if there are no women in same?

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Whose Fault?

When your phone refused to process your command and keeps devouring your credit. You were playing hard-to-get to your new-catch whom you met 7 days back. He’d called six times in the daytime but you refused to pick but later…

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Countenance as Mind-Mirror

Your countenance if you’re cash-strapped and your landlord calls and says your rent is overdue! Information many times carry positive or negative charges which we automatically react or respond to!

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