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What’s Sexy About Fat and Muscles?

Fat and muscles at the appropriate sites for women and men respectively are adverts! Fat is enchanting, muscles are enthralling. Curvaceous are endowed women; macho are equipped men. Now what makes a woman sexy will likely do the reverse for…

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Charms of Chioma.

Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha: wife, mother and A-list actress. (Image: Chioma’s archive) Nollywood actress, Chioma exudes confidence, charm and grace. Grab, internalize and have a beautiful Sunday ahead!

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Your Cognition as Ignition.

Formal and informal instructions will make your kids responsive and responsible adults. As a young boy in nursery school I went to use the convenience and chanced upon a girl replicating similar gesture. I became fixated for what I saw…

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The Trending Couple.

Career banker meets with politician in the Mays. Mountains stood on their way in their marriage and careers but many times they mount and surmount. The Mays are the new Occupants of No. 10 Downing Street. (more pic and info…

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The Mays: UK First Family.

UK First Family: Theresa and Philip May. Philip and Theresa May met in college: Oxford University and got married in 1980 at the age of 23 which implies their marriage is approximately 36 years and counting. (more pics and info…


Human Nature.

Lazy suggestions birth hasty conclusions. If you tell someone ignorant of the happenings in the Nigerian entertainment industry that all the male-celebs in Nigeria with baby mamas are school drop-outs he might conclude right away that half-baked education is responsible…

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Moves of Women Desperate to Become Baby Mamas.

Potential baby mamas are on the prowl for many reasons. Some men deliberately create baby mamas and love child(ren) out of fear of the financial implications of marriage, fear of marrying and waiting endlessly for the fruit of the womb…

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God, Man and Life of Energy.

Wine supplies energy; sex burns energy!  Wine archives chemical energy just as food and beverages. An hungry or starving man or woman will not demand sex because (s)he will burn enough energy in sex and that energy he lacks. (Pic:…

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Farewell to the Camerons.

David Cameron emerged from Downing Street flanked by wife Samantha and their children. (more pics and info if you process)

Entertainment and more Relationships

Self-Interest in Its Full Regalia.

Family is home for adults, nest for children. Oluwole and Olukole were non-identical twin-brothers. While Oluwole gained admission into the university to study Sociology Olukole’s wing was clipped by fate and had to honeymoon at home with disdain. He finally…

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