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The Magic of Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid demolished Barcelona in the quarter-final and Bayern Munich in the semi-final of the Champions League, can Man City or Real Madrid stop them in the final? First Leg of UEFA Champions League Results: Atletico Madrid 1-0 Bayern Munich…

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Lesson for Couples.

Challenges in marriages are comparable to storm at sea. You don’t jump into the sea to calm the storm. If you’ve issues in your home and marriage trash and dump in the waste bin. Social media isn’t the platform for…

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Week 36 (EPL) Results.

The Indefatigable Foxes. 2015-2016 EPL Champions! Watford 3-2 Aston Villa Newcastle 1-0 Crystal Palace Stoke City 1-1 Sunderland Everton 2-1 Bournemouth West Brom 0-3 West ham Arsenal 1-0 Norwich

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Times and Seasons of Playing Hard-To-Get!

Money issues do send sex tools on vacations. Inflation and heat are wooing us. Money is playing hard-to-get; power supply is doing same; fuel is playing hard-to-get same with good roads, potable water…. Now because money is playing-hard-to-get to many…

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Drama @ the ATM Facility (DAF)

Where people are gathered for something urgent and needful, drama often emerge which usually entertain and enlighten us. He’s Mr. Bolanle Bolanta, he parks his car and alights as if some wasps had given him some injections right there on…

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Happy Workers’ Day.

There’s peace, rest and respite for those who sow diligence, honesty, humanity, love … into their labour. May your labour be blessed for you and your family to savour! May the labour of your hand harness and harvest success and…

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Meet Becky (Funmilayo) Jones (II)

Adorable Becky Jones, a Briton cum Nigerian. As a prolific African writer and potential author with bestsellers in the womb, waiting patiently to impact our world, I appreciate people who love nature and cherish cultures other than theirs. You’ve read…


Happy April-Celebrations!

April is a splendid month and April celebrants are lovely. We rejoice and congratulate you. May your joy deliver of more joy, love, peace and fulfillment. To those who got married, celebrated their wedding anniversary … may God continue to…

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Time Snails but actually Cheetahs!

Adorable father, Julius Agwu looking down at his amiable son. Give father and son some years and you’ll experience the reverse. Yeah the small boy would finally dwarf his ‘big’ dad. Parents want their children to supersede them in all…

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Week 36 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

The Red Devils and the Foxes have lunch on Sunday. Everton vs Bournemouth: 3 points for sale, who will buy? Newcastle vs Crystal Palace: Crystal Palace are combating ‘Newcastle and Newcastle’ so they might drop the 3 points in the…

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