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It’s Children’s Day!

The philosopher (image) had given his sermon and lecture, therefore adopt the moral and adapt to standard family codes. Husband, Wife and children make up the entity called family. On this premise, remove ‘wives’ in the image and put ‘children’…

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Public Talk.

Public places document diverse dramas. Two ladies I perceived as first-class opportunists saw a car parked at the roadside … and quickly cashed in on the situation just to snap with the car to be uploaded possibly on social media…

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That Awkward Moment (TAM)

Nigerian Actor Ali Nuhu with his lovely family. The family friend of the Abubakars came to spend the weekend with them and Hajia Amina was trying superficially to impress their August visitors – The Sanusis, who came calling on Friday…

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Welcome to Seychelles!

  (more pics and info if you proceed)

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The Matrimony Between History and Future.

They are kids today, adults and parents tomorrow, thanks to the ticking hands of time. A 70-year-old man is a child if his 92-year-old mum is alive, yet he’s a father cum grand-father. Your children are your future as well…

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They are YHRs!

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun – Wizkid was born on July 16 1990 (25 years) Wizkid used to be a boy, a grown man now! Wizzy, Kiss Daniel and Korede Bello are Young, Handsome and Rich Nigerian musicians! Yeah they are YHRs!…


How Do You Go About It?

Wooing is a stereotypical men’s role at the genesis of relationships. You meet this lovely lady and perceive her as the potential mum of your baby …. Your mind began some mental calculations and became a mathematician in the process;…

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Beware of Mosquitoes!

Fight mosquitoes rather than malaria. Prevention is better than intervention, so fight mosquitoes NOT malaria. It’s better, safer and less expensive to confront, combat and convert mosquitoes to carcass. Send them six feet beneath and seek the services of pallbearers…

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Beauty-Trips with Makeup Artists.

Makeup Artists are enhancement surgeons, she’s a proud member of the profession. Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder and regardless of your facial features and how you perceive them, some members of a particular profession are…


Back to Work.

  Monalisa Chinda the executive in blue. Nigerian entertainment celebs are known for their artistry, prowess and versatility but many of them own and run their businesses and those who don’t play the role of executives in the movies. So…

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