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Please Part Your Red Sea.

Drew Barrymore’s toothy smile is chic and lovely. Wonder what I mean by red sea yeah many people have red lips and when you smile you part your lips. Toothy smile shows your dentition thereby exhibiting some of your 32…

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Impact of Radio Drama

Drama full of suspense, intrigues now live on radio. Dramas on radio like novels improve your mind, sharpen your thinking and of course sets your subconscious mind in motion! Television has facility for audio and video (image) and as such…

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Your Beliefs

Your beliefs at times could be ticking time bomb. Your beliefs could make or mar you so what do you believe or disbelieve? Did you know that your beliefs say a lot about your personality! Danladi Danlami was an interstate…


‘The Anointed and Appointed Partner.’

Friendship and companionship are pills for aches and pains of marital life. He’s Kolawole Bucknor; she’s Kanyinsola Olorunnisola, they met and not long after they started dating. Kanyin didn’t mirror Kola’s taste in a life partner so Kola wanted to…


The Unavailable Partner.

Sweet bitter describes love. Your mind’s alarm went off, “The person you’re trying to visit is not available at the moment, please call back at a later time.” Yet you set out but in the end your mind was right,…

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International Day of Families.

The International Day of Families is celebrated on May 15 (yesterday) every year; it’s a special day and occasion set aside to celebrate the relevance and significance of families, societies, cultures and of course humanity! The day is celebrated across…


Phones as Gossips!

When your phone leaks your secret to your partner and you let out a sheepish smile to conceal your embarrassment. Jack had been hiding the amount of his salary from his fiancee, Jacquelin for long. How long? Months of course!…


Seasonal Romance.

Romance is anchored on affection. Romance is a means to an end for many husbands and wives. In other words men tend to be romantic when sex is the motivation or when their wives are pregnant or perhaps when they…

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Week (38) EPL Fixtures and Analyses.

Swansea and Man City will combat in less than 3 hours. Arsenal vs Aston Villa: the Gunners should be wary of the Villans otherwise they might end up sharing the spoils with their visitors! Arsenal usually end the season atop…

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Beware of Wells!

 Buckets and babies are best of friends but don’t leave your baby in the vicinity of bucket pregnant with water. Bucket of water is a well to a baby therefore nursing mums should dig no well, better still put no…

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