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Happy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a very significant day to Christians. Happy Palm Sunday and Happy Easter in advance: to all Christian Faithfuls across the globe. Palm Sunday is a day set aside to celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem…


Lessons (for couples) from Social Media.

Social media spice-up our lives. ‘Like’: Like your partner apart from loving him or her. Regardless of your gender, be interesting and fun to be with – these make you likable. ‘Follow’: In other words be loyal and passionate about…

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Conjugal Bliss to Potential Couples.

 Marriage is a contract and covenant – with God, love and humanity as witnesses. To all potential couples, congrats! Be lovable to each other. Do good and harvest goodwill Grant helping hands and enjoy camaraderie Give leaning shoulders and reap…

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Week 31 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses

Archived Manchester derby. Everton Vs Arsenal: the Gunners had not been impressive of late but I don’t see them losing 3 points to the Toffees today. The Toffees are good at barking, biting but don’t usually have the last bite….

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Meet Hajia Bola Shagaya (MON) one of Africa’s richest women. Economist cum accountant. Where beauty meets brains you meet with distinction. (more pix and info if you proceed)

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Champions League Quarter-Final Draw

The chicks had left now the Eagles are here. Champions League is getting hotter and hotter. Wolfsburg Vs Real Madrid Bayern Munich Vs Benfica Barceleona Vs Atletico Madrid PSG Vs Man City.

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“Immunity Clause of Footballers.”

Diego Costa on location. Footballers spit (seamlessly) on the pitch with impunity. They lie effortlessly in front of millions without feeling guilty in any way whatsoever. They are actors who engage in make-believe fight. Of course they know it can…


Favourites Amongst Options

Our partners mirror us. You chose that apartment over all others for some reasons maybe just one major reason. You chose that institution and the course you studied for some reasons best known to you. You picked that job out…


Simple Love Test.

Your mind says a lot about your heart and could whisper silently into your ears the one you truly love. Who is that person that steals most of your thinking time?  


What Happened to our Human Feelings?

The Golden Rule which is universal and timeless is synonymous with empathy in Psychology. How unethical! You saw a fatal accident scene. Some people had their hands on their heads, some channeling their pains, anger and stress to the ground…

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