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In the Case of Divorce

Divorce is bad for you worse for kids. In marriages devoid of domestic violence I strongly believe that divorce should be the last resort never the first.

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Celebs and Journalists

Sweet bitter describe stardom. Celebs and journalists are the original Siamese twins not Eng and Chang. But they are thorns and roses, the Siamese twins of plants.

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Linda Ikeji

Writer, top blogger of the Linda Ikeji fame. When I see Linda I ‘see’ blog – staff member female bloc!


The Kunle Afolayans

Tolu and Kunle Afolayan. The legendary filmmaker Kunle and his lovely friend, lover and partner, Tolu.


Corruption in Love and Life

Gambling with hearts is a game to some. Corruption is everywhere and in this context Corruption in Love and Life highlights those peculiar to relationships and governance. The corrupt lover (if elected or appointed) will likely abuse his office. He…


Wonderful Wives

Wonderful wife, caring husband. Do you belong to the class of wonderful wives? Good and regular sex. Nice meals. Great kids. Love and affection. May not keep a man who doesn’t respect the marriage covenant but of course those variables…

Entertainment and more


Corruption Corruption is everywhere. It crawls in some societies.


The Ramsey Nouahs

Emelia and Ramsey Nouah. A-list actor Ramsey and his adorable wife Emelia, nurturing, preserving sweet memories of love, intimacy and friendship.


The Needed Balance

Compatible couple. Don’t create a vacuum in your affair but balance the marital equation. I’m talking about The Needed Balance in intimate relationships. If you marry a woman who can’t look you in the eye then you must be outdated…


Absconding Yet Pursuing Your Own Shadow.

Abscond or Pursue?  I saw a man and woman in my mind’s eye absconding yet pursuing their own shadows. Fiction, right? A buffalo may run away from a lioness at the outset but along the line it may turn round…

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